Machang Chinese Food: A Taste of China

Machang Chinese Food

Machang Chinese Food is a great place to go for authentic Asian cuisine. Machang has been in business since 1992 and offers some of the best-tasting food in town! They specialize in dishes like kung pao chicken, shrimp fried rice, and Szechuan beef. If you’re looking for something spicy, then Machang will be sure to … Read more

Guyanese Chinese Food: Comforting and Delicious

Guyanese Chinese Food

The Guyanese Chinese food is a perfect blend of Guyanese and Chinese cultures. Guyanese cuisine, which is the national dish of Guyana, is an integral part of Guyanese culture. This post will discuss Guyanese Chinese Food and how it became such a big part of Guayanian life. What is Guyanese Chinese food? Guyanese cuisine is … Read more

Kramer Chinese Food: Food from China

Kramer Chinese Food

Kramer Chinese Food now takes its place alongside other celebrated eateries in the Lark Creek Inn, including Charlie Palmer Steak, Bix, and Spruce. Chef David Kramer brings an extensive background working with Mark Franz at Oakland’s renowned Oliveto restaurant to this new venture. His cuisine features fresh ingredients from Northern and Southern China and will … Read more

Jamaican Chinese Food Recipes: Healthy Recipes

Jamaican Chinese Food Recipes

This book is about Jamaican Chinese Food Recipes from Jamaica. Jamaican cuisine has been influenced by many cultures, including Indian and African. The Chinese have also significantly influenced the island’s cooking since they began immigrating there in 1845 to work on the Panama Canal project. Many of these recipes were adapted with ingredients available in … Read more

11 Great Funny Chinese Food Puns

Funny Chinese Food Puns

Funny Chinese Food Puns are a staple for many restaurants in the United States. The flavors are unique and the dishes are always served with chopsticks, making it fun for everyone at the table to have their own pair! Funny Chinese Food Puns has compiled 11 of our favorite puns about Chinese cuisine that will … Read more