Top 20 Amazing 24 Hour Chinese Restaurants

This list of open 24 hours Chinese restaurants a day was compiled by and featured mainly the best known and most popular Chinese fast-food restaurants around China.

This is an excellent resource for those who want to get their fill of quality, exciting dishes while they work or study all day long.

Top 20 Amazing 24 Hour Chinese Restaurants

1. Yonghe King

Yonghe King is a well-known chain of restaurants in China, with branches throughout most major cities.

The 24-hour service at these restaurants is truly convenient, especially when hungry after a long night out. They are known for their wide variety of stinky tofu and multi-color steamed buns.

2. Foo King

First opened in the early 1980s, Foo King is a popular chain of China Restaurants in Shanghai with branches throughout the city.

They serve delicious and authentic Chinese fast food at affordable prices. As they have a 24 hour opening time, this is an accurate, convenient service that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all walks of life.

3. Baidu Bar

Baidu Bar is a popular restaurant in Beijing, and it is set in a unique environment. The building was constructed using a “Bamboo Puzzle Design” technique because the bamboo is put together like pieces of a puzzle.

It serves excellent Chinese food and is extremely popular among the locals and tourists. This restaurant has been visited by many celebrities worldwide, including Bill Clinton, Jackie Chan, and former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad.

4. Kang Da Bak Kut The

This is a very famous Beijing restaurant, and it serves some of the best pork ribs in the whole world. It has over 100 outlets in China, with more than 40 branches throughout Singapore. The pork ribs are served with other sides, such as soy sauce and chili sauce. This dish is hard to forget once you have tried it!

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5. Fu Hang Dou Jiang

This Beijing restaurant may not be as popular as others on this list, but it is well worth visiting if you find yourself near it.

It is located in the city’s Haidian District, and you can visit it for a great dining experience. The restaurant serves some delicious sour and spicy dishes.

 It is known for its delicious chili sauce and sesame sauce, which are great to add to the fried dishes that are served here.

6. Yin Jia Xiao Nian

This restaurant is located on the busy streets of Beijing, and it serves excellent Chinese fast food at affordable prices.

The food is freshly prepared, so you can be sure to get only the very best quality dishes. Here, the most popular word is beef noodles, with fresh vegetables and a delicious soup base.

7. Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen serves delicious ramen dishes in a simple and elegant environment with chairs and tables made from wood from Hokkaido.

The restaurant is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, and you can enjoy a fabulous atmosphere and friendly service to go along with the tasty food.

8. Dali Courtyard

Dali Courtyard was a restaurant created for people who love the art of Chinese cooking. Their dishes are served using seasonal ingredients and local produce,

which makes for a delightful dining experience. The favorite dish is the stir-fried snow vegetable, served with chili sauce, garlic, and more.

9. The Gourmet Shop

The Gourmet Shop is a popular restaurant that serves quality Chinese dishes at reasonable prices. It is conveniently located in Nanjing City,

and it does some of the finest quality and delicious Chinese food around. The menu here includes various meats, seafood, and vegetables to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

10. Sing-Sing Ji Fang Yuan

Sing-Sing Ji Fang Yuan is a popular restaurant that serves the best kung pao chicken in all of China. The restaurant is located in the trendy upmarket district of Zhongshan, in Guangzhou.

The dishes here are very creative, and they come with a variety of sauces, noodles, and vegetables to please the men and women alike.

11. Rice Office

Rice Office is a fast food restaurant that serves some of the best Chinese food in Beijing. There are many branches throughout China, including one in Shanghai. A great place to go for a nice meal during the evening.

12. Hao Ge Cafeteria

Hao Ge Cafeteria serves authentic and delicious Chinese fast food, with many branches throughout China.

The dishes here are served in an upscale environment, with tables made from wood and seats made from fresh straw.

Many celebrities have visited this restaurant, including Jingle Ma, who saw as vice-chairman of the China Peoples’ Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

13. Snow Lotus

Snow Lotus is a Beijing-style restaurant that is influenced by local and western cuisine.

You can enjoy dishes such as the Szechuan spicy meat and the salted fish fried rice at this restaurant, located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

14. Lu Dun Ji

Lu Dun Ji is a well-known and award-winning restaurant in China, with branches throughout most major cities.

The most famous dish of this restaurant is the “Jia Ji La Zi Chang Fu Tang” (Chicken and ginseng soup with fried rice), which is a combination of chicken, ginseng, and fried rice. This makes for a truly memorable dining experience.

15. Peking Duck

Peking Duck is one of the most famous dishes globally, and many restaurants are serving it in Beijing.

It is served in an elegant environment with various condiments to help you enjoy your meal thoroughly. This dish is considered a delicacy, usually appreciated for special occasions.

16. Quan Jia Liang Yuan Restaurant

Quan Jia Liang Yuan Restaurant is a Beijing-style restaurant that serves delicious Chinese food in an elegant atmosphere.

The most popular dish of this restaurant is the Flounder with Chives, and it is served with a variety of vegetables. This makes for a truly delicious meal!

17. Lai Xin Xiang Jiu Fen

Lai Xin Xiang Jiu Fen has been serving customers throughout China for many years, and it has become one of the most well-known restaurants in the country.

The most popular dish at this restaurant is the “Tan Tan Noodles” (fried peanut noodles), which are served with many different toppings.

18. Lao Sheng Yue Min Zheng Fang

Lao Sheng Yue Min Zheng Fang is a Beijing-style restaurant specializing in all different noodle dishes.

It has been serving customers for over 20 years, and it can be found on the famous Wangfujing Street in the Dongcheng District of Beijing. You can enjoy excellent service and a variety of delicious dishes here.

19. Man Fu Yuan Restaurant

Man Fu Yuan Restaurant is located in the heart of Beijing, and it serves some of the most OK Chinese food in the country.

Pine nuts chicken, sweet and sour fish, braised pork belly, and many other dishes are served here. The interior design is also something to mention since it provides a genuinely comfortable dining experience.

20. Beijing Duck

Beijing Duck is another dish that has gained legendary status throughout the world. Many restaurants in Beijing serve this dish,

but Quan Jia Zhen Long Ping is the best place to go for the very best quality food. Quan Jia serves this dish in an elegant restaurant with various other delectable dishes.


It is safe to say that if you choose, you should always select Chinese food over other types of cooking.

Many traditional foods have become popular in the US over the years. However, Chinese food has won many fans due to its rich flavors and vibrant colors.

It is often considered to be more healthy than Western dishes! That being said, what does 24-hour Chinese food look like? Here are some visuals for you to enjoy.

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