American Food San Diego: Amazing 10 Essential

American Food San Diego is the spot for the finest pizza in San Diego and is famous for its Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, burgers, and shakes.

Experience a taste of America from their menu, classic decor, and friendly service. You won’t find better food in all of San Diego! Take a break from the Southern Californian fare for some comfort food with a classic American feel.

What food is San Diego famous for?

You can’t discuss San Diego restaurants without mentioning their famous fish tacos. The original was created at a restaurant in the 70s and has been a favorite among locals and tourists ever since. Other choices include Chinese, Mexican, and American food.

What is the origin of the fish taco?

The story goes that in 1971 on a fishing trip to Baja California, co-owner of El Indio restaurant Dick Nicken brought some fried fish from his journey back to San Diego.

American Food San Diego
American Food San Diego

His wife, and co-owner, Eva Cole Nickel, heated the fish and served it on a tortilla with cabbage, pico de gallo, and salsa. They soon figured out they had a great idea on their hands.

What is the most popular dish at American Food San Diego?

The Philly Cheese Steak sandwich! It’s slow-cooked beef steak with grilled onions, green peppers, and melted cheese. No wonder it’s a San Diego favorite!

What is a famous San Diego food dish?

San Diego is famous for its fish tacos, and they are so renowned that they have their annual taco festival in February. But there are so many other popular food dishes to choose from. You can’t go wrong with anything on our menu!

Who is the owner of this restaurant?

Jeffrey Conner and Andrea Connor own American Food. They opened a restaurant that specializes in American cuisine in December 2014. They have a reputation for making the best fish tacos in San Diego.

What do you love about this restaurant?

We are proud of our food, decor, and staff! We have tried to recreate the classic American food experience in San Diego. Our team is genuinely nice and helpful, and we are great at making you feel at home.

The food is fresh and tasty, but we don’t try to be super fancy with ingredients or special tricks. We want to be where everyone wants to go for great food and service at a good price.

How long has this restaurant been open?

We opened our doors in the Autumn of 2014. We are excited to bring our take on American favorites to Hillcrest. And we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for some exciting changes in the coming year!

Amazing 10 Essential American Food San Diego

1. Fish Tacos

These are so good they’ve turned into the San Diego official dish; a taco festival is held yearly! They can be made with shrimp, octopus, or just plain fish, and there’s an option for either flour or corn tortillas.

2. Buffalo Cauliflower

American Food San Diego
American Food San Diego

A must-try when it snows! It’s cauliflower drowned in hot sauce and then pan-fried with spicy buffalo wing sauce. This is served with melted cheese for more of a wow factor.

3. Shake Burger

This Burger with the classic addition of Bacon, Cheese, and Onion. This is a hand-patted, cooked sirloin-style burger with a signature sauce. Look for an artisanal blend of beef, pork, and chicken in 100% USDA-certified organic and free-range chicken.

4. Homemade Ice Cream Slushie

Ice cream slushies are a must-try during any American Food San Diego visit. They are made with homemade ice cream, and you can choose from many flavors.

There is never a daily flavor, as the owner gets his ice cream from a local Amish farm. The taste changes daily, and it’s usually very inventive.

5. Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

This is one of the most mouthwatering sandwiches you’ll ever try, loaded with steak, grilled onions, green peppers, and melted cheese!

6. Hot Pretzel

These are soft pretzels that get steamed in hot water. They are then topped with mustard and cheese on a plate and are served with a bowl of chili for dipping. This is the perfect snack for a baseball game or any evening at the University of San Diego football game!

7. Nookie Fritter

This is another favorite pulled-pork dish that’s topped with your choice of two kinds of cheese and served on freshly fried bread. The owner’s wife is the creator of this dish, a big hit among customers.

8. Buffalo Chicken Wings

These are the classic wings you’ll see at any sporting event in San Diego. Every Friday, you can get them for a dollar each!

9. Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza has been a favorite since its invention as part of an Italian-American dish, and it’s so good on its own that it’s now served at many restaurants around town.

10. Starving Artist Pizza

This is a creation with two kinds of cheese baked on top of the pizza dough and is served fresh right out of the oven. Only available on Fridays and Saturday evenings, it’s sure to be a special treat.


American Food San Diego is proud to bring you the best food in Hillcrest. Our owner, Jeffrey Conner, is a resident of San Diego and was inspired to open our restaurant after visiting many different restaurants here, trying the food, and finding it all pretty good but lacking in authenticity.

Our friendly staff will make you feel at home, and our chef and staff are committed to serving you fresh ingredients that are sure to please.


What snacks is San Diego known for?

San Diego is full of unique snacks only found here and nowhere else. Here are some of the most popular. SeaWorld sells fish tacos, and San Diego residents love to eat them whenever possible.
The same goes for scones from the UK, which can be found at the Cardiff Scones bakery throughout the city. Famous crackers worldwide can be bought at Splendid Products or Cordon Bleu.

Is there a Taco Bell in Singapore?

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants that specialize in Mexican-style food. It’s the sister company to Yum! Restaurant’s KFC, Pizza Hut, and Long John Silvers.
The Taco Bell menu consists of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and other Mexican dishes. There are over 7,000 Taco Bells in the world, with thousands of new locations opening each year. If you are looking for their official website, click here.

Do any celebrities live in San Diego?

One of the most famous San Diegans is Jeffrey Garcia, a California Senator. He’s also known for his time on Survivor and as a member of the boy band O-Town.

Is there an American Food Festival in San Diego?

Yes. Every year San Diego hosts the biggest American Food Festival in the country. The event is held at the San Diego Convention Center and offers around 100 food stalls from around America.
You will find everything from McDonald’s, BBQ, fruit stands, ice cream, and even ride demos. You can find out more about this festival here.