15 Great American Pinoy Food Mart

American Pinoy Food Mart is a distinctly American fusion of Filipino and Mexican food, all made from scratch with the love and cares you deserve, using the freshest ingredients.

For over three decades, APFM has served its regular customers various satisfying and nutritious dishes.

Providing healthy eating options is one of our priorities because we want to keep you happy and healthy! We ensure that every dish we serve is cared for using only the best ingredients available.

15 Great American Pinoy Food Mart

1. Chipotle Porkchop

The hunk of porkchop looks very juicy and tender, yet it has a more firm texture. It’s lots of sour sauce, and although it didn’t have a strong taste, the combination of flavors was great.

2. American Pinoy Chicken Enchilada

The filling is a mix of shredded chicken, symbolizing the American Pinoy culture born from immigrants from Mexico and Spain. It tasted very delicious! You’ve not often found one dish where you can feel both the Asian and Mexican influences straight away.

3. Salmon and Cheese

It was my first time trying a salmon meal, and I enjoyed it. It’s very flavorful, and because of that, I was able to eat like 5 slices! The cheese wasn’t too oily, which is a plus.

4. Pesto Penne Pasta

American Pinoy Food Mart
American Pinoy Food Mart

It has a good texture, and the pesto sauce blended a stronger flavor that blended well with the cheese. The spinach gave a nice freshness to it. It’s nice for those who would like something lighter, healthy, yet still filling at the same time.

5. Cheesy Beef with Mushroom and Onion

Cheesy, creamy, and still as flavorful. The beef tasted soft too! Topped with lots of cheese, making it even better!

6. Tuna Pasta

Very flavorful and enjoyable to eat. The tuna is very fresh, and that’s a very good thing. The best thing about this dish is that it’s even healthier than the pasta version. The creaminess from the sauce and the tuna were awesome.

7. Chicken Tenderloin

I love chicken! It’s a very tasty dish that was well-prepared, tender, and juicy. The broccoli was cooked nicely and tasted good too! I loved how they prepared it.

8. Porkchop with Mushroom and Onions

This dish is an instant favorite. It’s very tasty, and the porkchop is well-cooked! It was very delicious, plus it’s not messy to eat.

9. Cajun Chicken Salad

It’s a welcome change from the usual salads you’ll get in other restaurants, like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, and celery. This one mixes all that, plus chicken, fruits, and nuts. I loved it!

10. Spinach Lasagna

It’s also a welcome change from the usual lasagna in other restaurants. I loved the different textures from the noodles and the cheese!

You can taste some fresh veggies in this too, making it healthier than those served in other restaurants. The ingredients mixed well together, and the taste was so good.

11. Shrimp and Bacon Paella

I loved the taste of the creamy sauce. The bacon adds that meaty flavor, but it is a little salty. It also had a nice amount of shrimp and crab it. The roll was crispy and not soggy at all. However, some parts were wet, like the “tuna” layer or the registration sides. It’s a very good dish!

12. Fajitas

American Pinoy Food Mart
American Pinoy Food Mart

The chicken tasted very fresh, and it was tender as well. The veggies were a bit crunchy, which was good. The fajitas also came with a little cup of sour cream and salsa dip.

13. Bacon Mushroom Salad

Not as healthy as it seems, but I love it! I need to try this again soon because my first time having this was over 3 years ago.

14. Mango Pudding

A very refreshing treat to end my meal with! It’s not too sweet either, and I love its mango bits. The texture of the pudding is very smooth and not too soft or too hard either. It’s just right!

15. The Cheesiest Burger Ever

The burger isn’t greasy nor heavy at all. It’s very tasty with an amazing taste that makes me crave more! Their cheese doesn’t taste like it has a strong smell or flavor, but it does give the cheesiness necessary for the burger to taste good.


Being a unique fusion of Filipino, Mexican and American cuisine, it’s no wonder American Pinoy Food Mart is loved by so many. They keep their food fresh, tasty, and healthy for all.

I love the Cheesiest Burger Ever because it was flavorful with a good amount of toppings. The crosscut fries were also very crispy, just the way I like them! I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.