Bong Water Drink: Great 6 Serving Ideas

Bong Water Drink is a healthy and safe alternative to drinking tap water. Bong Water Drink is a company that creates water that has been filtered through marijuana leaves to remove harmful toxins such as mercury, lead, and benzene.

The genius of Bong Water is that they sell this clean product at a low price point. You can use it at home or add it to your pool for the ultimate detoxing experience!

What is Bong Water Drink?

Bong Water Drink is a drink specifically marketed toward those with an addiction to tap water. Why? Because the idea of drinking chlorinated, lead-lined water is so disgusting that we have become desperate for a replacement.

I don’t mean to bash the people of Flint or any other place where their city has experienced major plumbing issues.

History of  Bong Water Drink

Bong Water Drink has been in development since 2012. The company started when a group of scientists grew concerned about how much drinking water they consumed to stay awake during long periods at the lab.

They realized that they couldn’t stop drinking water completely but could filter it through an alternative ingredient: marijuana.

The process is very simple. First, the leaves of a marijuana plant are placed into a container with your tap water. The water soaks up all the leaves’ THC, CBD, and other active ingredients.

How to make Bong Water Drink


  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • 2-3 cannabis leaves
  • 1 bottle of tequila (optional)


Step 1: Put the cannabis leaves in a large container filled with water.

Step 2: Close the container and let it sit for two hours.

Step 3: Open the bottle, strain, and drink! You can add a shot of tequila if you like to give it that extra kick!

Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition facts of Bong Water Drink

  • Calories: 10 per serving
  • Total fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 10mg
  • Potassium: 130mg
  • Total carbohydrates: 1g
  • Dietary fiber: less than 1g
  • Calcium: 5% of the RDA
  • Protein: 9% of the RDA

Health Benefits of Bong Water Drink

Drinking chlorinated water can lead to health problems in the future. So many people end up suffering from heart disease and cancer because their drinking water has compromised their immune systems.

Bong Water Drink
Bong Water Drink

The reason Bong Water Drink is so effective is that it removes over 100 different types of harmful toxins that are present in tap water.

By using a product like Bong Water, you are keeping your body free of these chemicals linked to serious health conditions.

Great 6 Serving Ideas for Bong Water Drink

1. For a kick of energy. In addition to drinking Bong Water, you can use it as a substitute for your morning coffee if you need that extra kick. Just add some ice and enjoy!

2. Make it alcoholic. If you are ever in need of a cocktail that is both tasty and healthy, reach for Bong Water Drink!

3. Use it to wash your veggies. You can use Bong Water Drink as a substitute for water when you cook with vegetables.

4. Use it to clean your house. If you have hard water at home, you might experience a buildup in your bathroom or kitchen sink. Use Bong Water Drink to clean these areas and keep them fresh!

5. Use it in the pool for a detoxing experience! The THC and CBD found in Bong Water Drink is a natural way to eliminate that chlorine taste left after swimming.

How to store?

Bong Water Drink
Bong Water Drink

You can store Bong Water Drink in the fridge or on your shelf. It can last up to 30 days, but it will start to lose potency after 10-14 days.

Bong Water Shot recipe

This optional ingredient will make Bong Water Drink taste even better. You can choose to use a shot of tequila instead of water in the process. Just play around with the ratio until you find something that you enjoy!

How much to drink?

You should drink between 6 and 10 one-ounce servings per day. Remember that this is only a suggestion! This amount will vary from person to person, depending on their weight, metabolism rate, and body chemistry.

Dirty bong water health

The reason why Bong Water Drink is so good for your health is that it helps to remove over 100 different chemicals found in regular tap water.

Is It Kids Friendly?

Since Bong Water Drink is filtered through cannabis, it won’t cause any psychoactive side effects in children. If you are using this product with your children, it is best to keep it out of reach.

Can You Drink Bong Water Drink with Other Drugs?

No, Bong Water Drink should be consumed by adults only. However, if you feel that you have had too much alcohol or marijuana, drinking this product will help relieve the symptoms without causing any safety concerns.


Bong Water Drink is one of the most effective cleaning products available today. It helps to remove over 100 different chemicals from your drinking water and is beneficial for every age group. It will also help you get rid of those pesky toxins that make you feel stressed as well!

Sujood Aleem has written this article in partnership with Bong Water Drink. It has been republished here with permission from its author.


What is in bong water?

Bongwater is the leftover liquid/water that is in your bong after you have finished smoking marijuana and have had time to settle.

Can you drink bong water from a bong?

You can! Bongwater is often pure, clean, and clear of contaminants. However, if you have used high concentrations of marijuana with your bong, the residue could be high enough to get you high on its own.

What does bong water taste like?

Bongwater is usually very strong in taste, and if you have not cleaned your bong or are using dirty water, this can often be a bitter or unpleasant taste.

How to make bong water?

Clean your bongs regularly, keeping your smoke as pure as possible. To make bong water, fill the pipe with water, smoke marijuana, and let it settle. Remove the bowl and rinse the pipe out with fresh, clean water.

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