6 Easy Freezing Ideas Of Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad is a light, sour, and crunchy salad. The salad has a healthy balance of sweet and savory flavors mixed with high fiber-resistant starches like farro and leafy green vegetables. The salad can be eaten alone or as an appetizer at a party or buffet.

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad
Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

The broccoli rubble in this farro salad consists of broccoli stems cut into small pieces or florets.

The broccoli rubble gives the salad a crunchy texture and a high fiber content. Broccoli is usually tossed with olive oil, but I used the olive-oil-garlic sauce.

The sauce has a sour flavor from the tomatoes and a garlic and rosemary flavor from the herbs. Broccoli blocks in jars that are used to store salt and pepper have large broccoli pieces, giving them a similar appearance to broccoli rubble.

What Is Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad?

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad is a recipe that can be used as a main dish or side dish. The salad is light in flavor and has a crunchy texture. It contains the high fiber resistant starches of the farro and broccoli, and the vegetables.

How to make Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad


  • Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad requires the following ingredients:
  • 1 can of tomatoes
  • 1 small box of farro
  • Olive-oil-garlic sauce
  • 6 to 8 cups of broccoli rubble (stems and florets)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil, cilantro butter, or dried herbs to season the farro. 


1. Rinse and drain the farro.

2. Add olive oil to a medium-sized skillet or pan and turn heat to medium-high.

3. When oil starts to shimmer, add the farro and onions and occasionally stir for about 3 minutes until soft grains are browned. 

4. Stir in broccoli rubble and tomatoes along with olive-oil-garlic sauce to coat rice grains with sauce briefly. 

5. Add water and boil for about 20 minutes or until grains are cooked. 

6. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

7. Enjoy the farro salad with vegetables on top or with the vegetables as a side dish.

Nutrition facts of Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad


Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad – Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad is light, sour, and crunchy. The salad has a healthy balance of sweet and savory flavors mixed with high fiber-resistant starches. One cup of broccoli rubble has 15 grams of fiber.

Price In Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

The spaghetti I used to make the farro was $.89 per retail box price. Farro can be found in bulk bins, sold by volume instead of weight.

The plan requires 3 cups of farro to make one serving, which is $0.45 per cup or less than one dollar for a serving of farro plus the cost of olive oil and salt. A bag of broccoli rubble that weighs 2 pounds costs $1.

History of Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

This dish is a relative of the salad Nicoise found in various types of containers. The name “broccoli rubble” comes from the style of pasta used. The spaghetti-like noodles are made with cut broccoli and similar vegetables.

Benefits of Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

This is a healthy stir-fried pasta that has many benefits. Broccoli rubble provides 9 grams of fiber per serving, and the starches in the farro provide benefits such as controlling diabetes and cholesterol and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Make it Vegetarian

Broccoli rubble can be substituted with other vegetables that contain strong flavors. The broccoli can be replaced with any vegetable or bean, and the farro can be replaced with other foods such as quinoa and brown rice.

6 Easy Freezing Ideas of Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad

1.) Pack the farro and sauce together in ice cube trays. Freeze them after they cool.

2.) Pack the farro and sauce together in containers of ice to make them easier to store. 

3.) Once cooked, place broccoli rubble in a freezer-safe plastic bag and add olive oil. Add the broccoli rubble to the freezer bag before freezing it not to dry out.

4. Freeze the broccoli rubble in only half of the bag after adding olive oil. The olive oil will keep it from freezing hard and make it easier to remove from the freezer.

5. When you are ready to eat the broccoli rubble, thaw it in the fridge overnight or at least several hours before you plan to throw it into other food items so that it doesn’t get mushy.

6. Store the broccoli rubble salad in the freezer. You can place a layer of parchment paper between the broccoli rubble and another item in the freezer to keep it separated. It will last for at least a few months if placed in a plastic container before freezing.

Is It Healthy?

Broccoli rubble has high fiber content and is one of the foods that has been shown to improve blood sugar levels. It is also a good source of vitamins, especially vitamins A and C.

What Do I Eat Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad With?

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad can be eaten alone as a dinner or served as an appetizer at a party or buffet. If you want to do it with vegetables, then try steamed or boiled cauliflower on top with onions, capers, and olives, for instance.

Is It Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Broccoli rubble contains folic acid, which is beneficial for pregnant women. 

Addicted to the Recipe for Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad?

Try making the recipe above or follow this link to find other ideas for quick, healthy meals.

I was compensated by Cascade Natural Foods’ to write this post about Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad.

However, the opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to use a certain brand of ingredients or change my recipes in any way.

How to store?

Store broccoli rubble in the refrigerator and wash the broccoli before use. For freezing the vegetable, rinse it very well and cut off loose leaves.

Leave only 1/4 inch of the stalk of the vegetable above the head. Please place them in a freezer bag immediately after washing.

How to Freeze Broccoli Rubble?

First, place them in a freezer bag once washed properly. Next, set your veggies on a sheet pan and put them into your freezer once they are frozen enough to handle.

The Bottom Line

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad is full of flavor and easy to make. You can introduce a variety of food to your family if you are looking for an alternative to pasta that does not have carbohydrates. 

Broccoli Rubble Farro Salad will satisfy your hunger and provide fiber and nutrients. The sour taste from the spaghetti with the olive oil sauce makes this recipe stand out from other recipes to its unique flavors. The dish has a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes and onion.

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