Amazing 5 Chinese Food Clipart

Chinese Food Clipart is a versatile set of professional-quality images filled to the brim with all your favorite Chinese foods.

These include beautiful photos of everything from Peking Duck and Sesame Chicken to glass noodles and fried rice.

No longer will you have to burn your arm on the frying pan after crafting all those delicious dishes for your friends and family! As a bonus, these images are free for you to use in any way you like.

What is Chinese Food Clipart?

Chinese Food Clipart is a new set of vector images filled with all your favorite Chinese foods. This includes images of everything from Peking Duck and Sesame Chicken to glass noodles and fried rice.

Why is this set so special, though?

Chinese Food Clipart works in Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw, Photoshop, and many other popular programs.

You can also use these images as part of your Adobe Flash projects or print them out on paper if you want.

Why should you care about these images?

Chinese Food Clipart

These vector images will help you save time and money when working on your next project. You can insert them into any document you want instead of spending hours trying to draw them from scratch.

Why do I need to download this collection?

These graphics are free to use, and I have even included a free copy of the vector source files with the download.

Amazing 5 Chinese Food Clipart

1. Peking Duck

The Peking Duck is a delicious treat you can enjoy at any Chinese restaurant. Chinese Food Clipart is made with a whole duck roasted in a special oven and slowly cooked over several hours until it is completely tender and juicy. The result is a truly unique snack that tastes great and has an interesting texture.

2. Fried Shrimp

The Chinese people are devoted to certain types of food, including seafood. They usually prefer to eat freshwater shrimp because they are quite tasty and easy to cook. They often boil the shrimp in a fish sauce after being cleaned and then stir fry them with some vegetables.

3. Sesame Chicken

Another favorite Chinese dish is the Sesame Chicken. Chinese Food Clipart is a mixture of crunchy chicken pieces and sautéed vegetables that are sautéed in a sweet and spicy sauce. It is usually served with rice.

4. General Tso’s Chicken

The General Tso’s Chicken is a dish that has been around for some time, but it was created by the former U.S. Marine, Wing Tam after being stationed in Taiwan.

The name comes from General Tso being a famous leader during the Chinese Revolution of 1912. The dish gained popularity in the U.S.

5. Fried Rice

Fried Rice is one of the most popular foods in China as it combines rice and vegetables into a single dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

6. Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish is a special delicacy from China that is perfect for people who love seafood but do not want to eat fish daily.

Chinese Food Clipart is usually baked in its juices and coated with a light batter. It is then steamed until it is crisp and moist on the inside. It can be served with a side of vegetables or some rice.

7. Beef Chow Fun

Chinese Food Clipart
Chinese Food Clipart

The Beef Chow Fun is a favorite in Chinese cuisine for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. It is made from finely chopped pieces of beef that are stir-fried with various vegetables and served over rice.

8. Eggplant

Eggplant is a very popular vegetable in China and is consumed in many different ways. It can be eaten raw, pickled, sautéed, microwaved, or fried. It can even be made into a dish like the one shown here, grilled on a skewer and then served with soy sauce and sesame seeds on top.

9. Sesame Noodles

Sesame Noodles are a very common dish in Chinese cuisine. They are made from a particular type of noodle twice as long as the traditional ones.

10. Fried Rice Balls

Fried Rice Balls are a delicious snack invented by a Chinese chef named Zhao Rui in the 60s to satisfy his customers’ hunger while working at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, California. It is made from rice flour, sugar, and other seasonings.


This is a great set of food images perfect for personal, business, or even commercial use.

They can be used in all kinds of situations to promote your business and save you all the time it takes you to create the same thing by hand. If you want to order a vector version of any of these photos, then be sure to visit my Asian Food Collection.

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