Crack Pipe Drink: Amazing 5 Variations

Crack Pipe Drink is a compilation of the most desired drinks and their accompanying pipe.

So many of these are things that you can only imagine drinking when the day is done or during those perfect scenes in movies where everyone is sitting around smoking in a haze.

You might be wondering what kind of pipes these are. We have pipes for all occasions and situations, from classy to silly.

How to make Crack Pipe Drink


  • 1 oz Crack Juice (see below)
  • 1 1/2 oz Light Rum
  • 1 1/2 oz Vodka, Orange Juice, or some other liquor (single-malt scotch preferable)
  • Ice Cubes


Step 1: Pour 1oz of cracked ice into the bottom of your pipe.

Step 2: Fill with a 1/2oz shot of light rum and then seal tightly.

Step 3: Pour in the remaining 1oz of liquor, seal tightly, and serve.

Nutrition facts of Crack Pipe Drink

Serving size = 1oz Amount per serving

  • Calories: 240 
  • Fat: 9.0g
  • Protein: 1.0g
  • Carbohydrates: 39.4g
  • Sugar: 22.3g
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Fiber: 0.

Health Benefits of Crack Pipe Drink

Crack is the most powerful drug on the market today, and it makes people feel good, healthy, and strong. Many health benefits come from a crack pipe at least once a day.

Crack Pipe Drink
Crack Pipe Drink

It has been proven that crack helps fight colds and influenza; it is also believed to help alleviate arthritis pain and swelling.

Crack consumption has also been known to help with high blood pressure, and some medical professionals claim that it can help elevate your mood and relieve stress.

Amazing 5 Variations for Crack Pipe Drink

1. Orange Juice

Put an ounce of cracked ice into a chilled glass, add an ounce of orange juice and seal tightly. You can use any other liquor as long as it has the smell of oranges or pineapple.

2. Triple Sec or Triple Sec/Gin (Vodka)

Add 2oz of cracked ice with 2oz of your preferred triple sec or liquor and seal tightly.

3. Banana Juice

Add some crushed ice, 1/2oz of cocoa mix, and a whole banana to the cracked ice and seal tightly.

4. Crazy Cold Margarita

Mix some cracked ice, 2oz of tequila, and lime juice into a chilled cocktail glass without any liquid in the pipe. Seal tightly.

At this point, you can add almost anything else to your liking. You can even add different kinds of tequila or other foods on hand to make them into your margaritas.

5. Blue Curacao

Pour 1oz of cracked ice and a shot of blue curacao together in an empty glass and seal tightly. You can use other blue curacaos or even the orange crush if you would like.

As the name implies, this drink will make you feel like a tropical island. Freeze shrooms in this drink to achieve that effect.

Can I Freeze It?

Of course, you can freeze your pipe of crack. Many people use this to keep them from making oversized cocktails with cracked ice. Instead, they can double or triple their cocktail for the same price.

Can I Drink It Frozen?

Yes, you can drink your pipe of crack completely frozen so long as it is sealed properly. If you are using a plastic soda bottle, it may melt a little, but it should not cause any damage to your pipe or contents inside.

Blue Crack Pipe drink

Crack Pipe Drink
Crack Pipe Drink

First, you need to make Blue Crack. Crack a blue light, or any light, and drink it. Then pour 1oz of cracked ice into a chilled glass, add a 1/2oz crack shot, and seal tightly.

Recipes for Crack Juice

If you want to be blue, choose orange juice as the base (although a grape-flavored drink may work too).

Pipe Bomb Shot Recipe

Put one ice cube in a plastic soda bottle or empty beer bottle and add 1oz of cracked ice. Fill the bottle with your favorite liquor, and seal.

After the drink is sealed, please place it in the freezer for half an hour. When you are ready to serve it, remove the drink from the freezer, open up and add another ice cube, close again and return to the freezer.

Don’t forget to label your drink so that they know how long you have been drinking it (and who has been drinking it).

Is It Kids Friendly?

The people who do this kind of thing are not acting irresponsibly; most of these drinks can be made very easily and safely with volunteers. These would not taste nearly as good if they were made with normal glasses, so beware.

Is It a Good Idea?

It is a great idea. There are numerous health benefits to traditionally drinking your drink, but since it has been proven that cracked ice is safe, it would not be very smart to go without it.

How Much Should I Drink?

The rule is to have half of your drink in before you crack it and the rest after. So, if you are making a 16oz drink, that would be 8oz for half and 12oz for the second half.

This method will help maintain the integrity of your drink and provide it with the best taste possible.

Many people like to add various other things to their drinks, some people like to add cocoa, and others like to add fruit juices and juices for different flavors.


The ice cracked is the best way to drink something cold yet still feel like you are not. It is a great way to chill your glass and the drinks in it without the risk of shattering and losing what you have inside.

This method is also very simple, has a lot of versatility, and helps keep your drinks warm without making them taste bad.

You can make different drinks with this method that will look classy and incredibly healthy for your drinker.


What is in a crack pipe drink?

There are many different types of drinks that contain cracked ice. Many drinks use cracked ice to cool them down since it is cold yet does not shatter easily. Some drinks use it to add flavor; others use it for decoration.

How do you make liquid crack?

The crack pipe drink is called that because it looks like a glass pipe filled with cracked ice. It is important to remember that you are drinking the cracks, so make sure that you add fun alcohol of your choice.

How many calories does a crack pipe drink have?

There are many drinks for cracked ice; some have more than others. Just be sure that you do not go over 600 calories in your crack pipe drink. Otherwise, you might ruin your New Year’s resolution before it starts.

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