Keep Calm And Eat Chinese Food: Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Dublin

Keep Calm And Eat Chinese Food: Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Dublin

Dublin is home to a vast and diverse population of people from all over the world. It’s also home to some great Chinese food restaurants.

Please keep reading for an introduction to these fantastic eateries, as well as our list of the top ten best places for you to eat in Dublin!

Keep Calm And Eat Chinese Food

The Chinese food at the best places in your town completely blows away any other type of cuisine. The flavors are light, fresh, and delicious. It’s hard to beat a good egg roll! Keep calm and eat Chinese food!

Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Dublin

1. Sichuan Garden

Sichuan Garden is the best Chinese restaurant in Dublin. They have everything you could ask for, be it dim sum to soup to noodles to soup-dumplings.

The beef with chili is hot and tasty, as are the scallops with garlic sauce. Apart from their delicious food, what makes them number one is their fresh and crispy sesame prawn toast which is a must-have.

They also do the best chili beef in town, approved by many Chinese people, including myself. If you’re hungry, try their set menu for 2-4 people, which comes with a range of starters and even dessert!

2. Wok ‘n’ Roll

Wok ‘n’ Roll is a hidden gem situated beneath the Ilac shopping center. The dim sum here is among the best in town with delicious dumplings and amazing buns.

For something spicy, try their prawn chow mein or sweet n sour chicken. Desserts are also good with a great selection of ice creams, and the restaurant has a good selection of wines.

3. Panemarind Chinese & Thai Cuisine

Panemarind is one of the newest restaurants in town and serves delicious and generous Thai and Chinese cuisine portions.

The prices are among the best in Dublin, with lunchtime set menus for under 10, including free prawn crackers, soup, and a main course such as crispy shredded beef. I highly recommend their salt and pepper tofu (although it’s more like spicy) which tastes fantastic!

Their menu includes all your favorites from sweet n sour chicken to chili beef to pad thai noodles. They also have great daily deals on food during happy hour if you fancy two courses for just 14.

4. Taste of China

Taste of China is a small, family-owned restaurant offering a mix of Chinese and Thai cuisine. You can order from either their Chinese or Thai menu to ensure you get the best from both worlds!

They have a great selection of seafood dishes, including delicious prawn balls, one of their specialties, not to mention a fantastic beef with pepper sauce dish that I always order when I go there.

Their sushi rolls are also delicious and fresh-tasting, while their other sushi desserts, such as ice cream sushi roll, are unique and work well. A must-visit if you’re in Dublin city center!

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5. Ping Pong

Ping Pong has been for years, but after a recent revamp is now better than ever. Although their food is a little on the pricey side, you’ll forget about it when you see how significant the portions are!

Their honey chicken and sweet n sour pork are delicious, but they also do fantastic duck dishes such as salty plum duck (must try!) and crispy shredded hoisin duck (a Chinese classic).

Best of all, Ping Pong’s prices include complimentary soft drinks at lunchtime while there’s 2 house wine per person during dinner time, which is one of the cheapest in Dublin!

6. Wonton Bistro

Wonton Bistro is a fantastic family-run restaurant with an extensive menu of Cantonese cuisine. They have some fantastic deals during lunchtime, including two courses for ten which is very hard to beat!

Their steamed Hakka buns are delicious, although I suggest you order their prawns in honey and garlic sauce as it’s one of the best dishes here.

They also do excellent chili beef with ginger, so try that if you like spicy food. A hidden gem not too far from Dame Street.

7. Rice Boil

A great Chinese restaurant with an extensive menu of tasty, authentic Cantonese dishes at reasonable prices with lunchtime set menus for under 10.

The crispy aromatic duck is a must-try, while the sweet n sour chicken will remind you of your old-school takeaways when done right by a good chef! Lunchtimes can get very busy, so be sure to come early, or you might not get the table.

8. Wok & Pan

Wok & Pan is one of Dublin’s best Chinese restaurants with excellent service, fantastic food, and even better prices, including free prawn crackers while dining on some set menus!

The crispy beef cubes are what I always go for when ordering here, while their fillet steak dishes are also unique, including fillet steak in chili sauce (my personal favorite!)

I noticed that this place was that they give customers a choice of rice – brown or white. A must-try if you’re looking for some good quality Cantonese cuisine in central Dublin within an excellent price range!

9. Oriental City   

Oriental City is an excellent Chinese restaurant with an extensive menu of delicious Cantonese dishes. They have some great lunchtime deals during the week, including two courses for ten which are very hard to beat!

One dish I recommend here is their steamed Hakka buns, while their crispy aromatic duck is also excellent and comes with these pancakes, cucumber, and hoisin sauce which you’ll never get enough of! Another must-try if you’re in Dublin city center!

10. Ombra

A beautiful restaurant located on Clanbrassil Street that serves Italian cuisine. They specialize in seafood and offer other traditional Italian delights such as pizza, pasta, meatballs, etc.

This place offers excellent value lobster specials, and they even provide a lobster mac and cheese starter, which is very tasty! Their menu changes regularly, so make sure you see their latest deals on Groupon.


The top 10 best Chinese restaurants in Dublin are all listed below. If you’re looking for great food, delivery options, and service – this list has it all! We hope that you’ll find the perfect restaurant to enjoy your next meal at. Enjoy!

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