Ron Swanson Salad: Top 10 Best Salads

Ron Swanson Salad is a long-time internet joke about the eccentric character, Ron Swanson, from the hit television show Parks and Recreation.

It’s been around for years, with many variations on it popping up all over social media. The joke has primarily been about an all-natural salad that would make any vegetarian proud.

The salad is supposedly comprised of “everything in nature” and is made by crumbling lettuce leaves into your hands and then squeezing them through a strainer to remove anything that wasn’t tiny seeds or stems.

What is Ron Swanson Salad?

Since the original post went viral, some say it is possible that a fan-made up Ron Swanson Salad. One thing is for sure, though; The main ingredients are lettuce, cucumber, and cheese. 

Ron Swanson Salad

What you put in your salad does make all the difference. Ron Swanson Salad is a hearty salad with a lot of fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

Saturated fat is non-existent in this recipe, so this salad is perfect for you if you are trying to cut back on unhealthy saturated fats.

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Top 10 best Ron Swanson Salad

1. Ron Swanson Salad

Perhaps the most famous Ron Swanson Salad recipe is this one posted by  Wellness Mama. This recipe is simple and straight to the point, and it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or preparation.

It is also straightforward if you are trying to cut back on sodium intake.

2. Ron Swanson Gourmet Salad

This one is slightly more in-depth than the original recipe, but that’s because it calls for more flavors and ingredients.

It’s also healthier since it still has a lot of fiber, but it also has meat and cheese incorporated into the salad, which is what makes it gourmet.

3. Ron Swanson’s Favorite Salad

This is another straightforward Ron Swanson Salad recipe that many people like. The original recipe uses only lettuce and cucumber, but you can also experiment with other veggies.

You can use whatever ingredients you have on hand, whether in season or your favorite ones to eat.

4. Ron Swanson’s Mom’s Salad

This straightforward, straight-to-the-point recipe uses just a few ingredients, but it can be modified to suit your taste. For example, you can add some meat, cheese, or nuts.

The one thing to remember with this recipe is that since it doesn’t have any dressings, you may want to add some olive oil or balsamic vinegar to make it tastier. But if you prefer not to, that’s fine too.

5. Scottsdale Salad

This is another straightforward recipe for a Ron Swanson Salad, but it has different ingredients than the original one.

The difference between this recipe and the original one is that it has tomatoes in it. You could also add any veggies you may enjoy in addition to the cucumbers, celery, and onions.

6. Ron Swanson’s Secret Salad

The creator of this recipe wanted to make a hearty salad that had omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

This is a healthier version of the original recipe, but it still has lettuce, cucumber, and cheese. The original recipe was more of a joke; This one is more serious ( with all the health benefits ).

7. Ron Swanson Special Salad

This is another simple recipe that uses just a few ingredients, and most of them are probably already in your kitchen. Since it doesn’t have any added salt or saturated fat, this salad is much healthier than the original.

8. Ron Swanson Burrito Salad

This is another creative take on the original recipe. This one calls for adding some ingredients like beans, corn, and salsas.

Those are all very healthy ingredients, so this salad is a good choice if you try to eat healthier or lose weight.

9. Ron Swanson Special Salad in a Jar

This one is similar to the First Lady’s favorite salad recipe, but it calls for you to use a mason jar rather than a mixing bowl to make it easier.

10. Ron Swanson Homemade Salad

You can find many different variations to this salad recipe because people like to experiment with their ingredients.

Some add meat, cheese, or other veggies to the mix; Others will use different types of lettuce and mix them. The great thing is taking this recipe and using it for your personal needs and tastes.


There are many variations of Ron Swanson Salad, but most of them have only a few ingredients in common.

The main ones are lettuce, cucumber, and cheese. There is no doubt that this salad is healthy, and it has a lot of fiber in it, which will keep you full for hours until your next meal. Thanks.

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