Top 15 Thai Food American Fork Restaurant

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Top 15 Thai Food American Fork Restaurant

1. Thai Basil

Thai Basil is a quiet, unassuming Thai restaurant that delivers the best food in American Fork. Located in a residential part of town, it’s less of a restaurant and more of a Thai mom’s house. This is the place to go if you want Thai food in American Fork!

2. Noodles & Company (American Fork)

Thai Food American Fork
Thai Food American Fork

Many people don’t realize it, but Noodles & Company serves Thai noodle dishes. You can find Pad Thai or Currie’s entrees on the menu. While it’s not traditional Thai food, it’s a great spot to try if you’re craving milder, Americanized Thai food.

3. Bangkok Cuisine (American Fork)

Bangkok Cuisine is located in the heart of American Fork and serves home-style Thai dishes that are comfortingly delicious. The restaurant is small, but the service is quick and friendly. You can’t go wrong with this one!

4. Thai Thai Bistro

Thai Thai Bistro is a small, intimate restaurant located in downtown American Fork. It’s perfect for date night or a family meal. While the chefs aren’t traditional Thai, the flavors are on point!  

5. Basil Tree Cafe (American Fork)

The Basil Tree Cafe is located in American Fork and also serves authentic Thai food and delicious vegan dishes! It’s bright and inviting, and super affordable. The staff is friendly, and the service is fast. They have a great menu with delicious dishes that’ll leave you stuffed and happy!

6. Thai Lanta (American Fork)

Thai Lanta is located next to Noodles & Company and serves traditional dishes at a reasonable price. You can find crunchy rolls, curries, and various noodle dishes on their menu that’ll leave you happy!

7. Thai on the Park (American Fork)

Thai on the Park is a great little Thai restaurant in American Fork. They provide quick, delicious service, and you can’t go wrong with the food. The curries are delicious and not too spicy! The staff is always friendly and ready to make you feel welcome. You should check them out!

8. Thai House (American Fork)

Thai Food American Fork
Thai Food American Fork

The Thai House serves authentic flavors of Thailand without being overbearing in spices or heat. The service is always fast, and they have a huge menu full of delicious Thai dishes. If you’re looking for something light, they also have great curries served on top of jasmine rice. You can’t go wrong with this one!

9. Bangkok Garden

Bangkok Garden is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in downtown American Fork. While the space is small, the food makes up for it. They have the best Pad Thai in the area. The service is quick, and the prices are low. You can’t go wrong with this one!

10. Thai Place (American Fork)

Thai Place is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves fast, delicious food at great prices. The staff is super friendly, and they have a huge menu full of yummy Thai dishes. This is a great place to go after school with your friends or on a date night (or to bring your parents).

11. Bon Thai (American Fork)

Bon Thai is more of a Thai grocery store than a restaurant. However, they do offer meals, and they are delicious! You can find a variety of curries and stir-fries that are all super delicious. The prices are low, and the portions are huge! You should check them out.

12. Thai Ginger (Mapleton)

Thai Ginger is located in Mapleton on Main Street, which was formerly known as West Center Street. This is a great spot if you want something quick, affordable, and delicious! They serve various Thai dishes like Pad Thai and curries and are always friendly. You can’t go wrong with this one!

13. Golden Orchid (Holladay)

Golden Orchid is located in Holladay right off the freeway, so it’s super easy to get to. This is a good spot for people looking to get their Thai fix in the Holladay area. The food is authentic, delicious, and filling. The staff is friendly, and the service is fast. You can’t go wrong with this one!

14. D’s Thai Kitchen (Provo)

D’s Thai Kitchen is located in Provo and serves authentic Thai cuisine in a casual atmosphere. They have a huge menu with tasty dishes you can’t go wrong with! Their ingredients are all fresh, local, and delicious. The staff is friendly, and the service is quick. You should check them out!

15. Thai Hut (Provo)

Thai Hut is a small, quaint little Thai restaurant in Provo that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. Their food is authentic, fresh, and tasty. The staff is friendly and serves a huge menu filled with dishes like Pad Thai, curries, and stir-fries.


If you’re looking for great Thai food in American Fork, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy, eat up, and have a great time! We hope this blog helped you discover some of the best Thai restaurants in American Fork.

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