American Food In Boston: 13 Essential

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What foods were made in Boston?

American Food In Boston
American Food In Boston

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13 Essential American Food In Boston

1. Italian Beef Sandwich

Italian beef sandwiches are Chicago foods that have spread throughout the nation, bringing a tasty kick of spices and vinegar to roast beef sandwiches.

The sandwich typically contains thin slices of juicy beef dipped in au jus or covered in tomato sauce. Usually served with a side of crispy fries and some pickles, no trip to Boston would be complete without trying one of these delicious sandwiches.

2. Bagels and Lox

A trip to New York without stopping at Babbo is unthinkable for Boston locals. Bostonians have their version of an Italian newspaper, The Boston Globe, which is filled with stories about the world around them and what’s going on in their city.

This article will hit the basics of a bagel or lox and why it has become such a popular lunch item in the city.

3. Barbeque Ribs

Just as bagels are essential to New York, Chicago’s signature food item is the Italian beef sandwich. The Cleveland area has barbeque ribs as one of its signature foods. And while Texas claims brisket and baby back ribs, Memphis has been known for its dry-rubbed ribs.

Due to the city of Boston having access to many different cultures, including the Caribbean and Southern United States, it fills its restaurants with delicious foods from around the world.

4. Boston Cream Pie

Boston cream pie was made famous in Boston, Massachusetts, when Chef Walter Baker invented it at the Hasty Pudding Club in the mid-1800s and provided a picture of his creation to the New York Herald.

The stuffed pie is an American dessert that contains custard, chocolate chunks, and more. These days Boston cream pies can also include marshmallow cream and can be made with many other flavors.

5. Foie Gras

If there is one thing that Boston puts from its culture, it is foie gras. This French delicacy is often associated with duck meat but can be made with other foods.

American Food In Boston
American Food In Boston

It is a liver product produced in small amounts of about a pound. It has been known for its fatty taste and luxurious texture, which gives it a strong reputation as the “ultimate gourmet food.”

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are so many different cookies, but none are as well known as the chocolate chip cookie. These delectable treats are made with a base of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour.

The main part of the cookie is the big chocolate chunks that give it a gooey texture that is almost addictive when eaten warm right out of the oven. There have been many different recipes over the years, and even some have gained popularity during certain decades.

7. Lobster Rolls

Much of the clam and lobster industries have come out of Massachusetts, meaning lobster rolls are a popular food in Boston.

They are made using fresh lobster meat placed onto a buttered and toasted hot dog or kaiser roll. Usually, the heart is extracted from cooked lobsters, but some variations use uncooked pieces.

8. Baked Beans

Baked beans are a traditional Boston food that is usually made using combinations of pork and beef, molasses, sugar, mustard seed, and brown sugar.

The dish is usually slow-cooked at low temperatures, so there is no need to scarify it until it is ready to eat. Considered a “poor man’s dessert,” Boston bakes its beans for hours for a soft texture and deep flavor that anyone can enjoy.

9. Greek Food

The city’s Greek community has established itself in the town, and because of this, you will find some delicious foods that are popular with the locals.

The tzatziki sauce is readily available at many top-rated restaurants in the area. You can try souvlaki skewers, which are small meats on a long stick that are grilled and seasoned.

10. Dim Sum

Dim sum is a Cantonese cuisine that has become popular in Boston. It is usually served as small steamed or fried dumplings filled with meat and vegetables.

These are like appetizers but can also be served as a meal. If you go too late during the day, you might find the dim sum carts stored away for the day and replaced with customer favorites.

11. Lobster

Lobster fishing is a popular pastime for many locals in the waters surrounding Boston. Because of this, many great restaurants in the area serve delicious dishes made with all types of lobster meat.

For example, if you go to Quincy’s on The Waterfront, you will get tasty lobsters served directly from the hands of their fisherman friends. They also have other seafood items on their menu and some great wines that pair perfectly with their dishes.

12. Ice Cream Parlor

While there are more than 40 ice cream parlors in the Greater Boston area, there is only one Ben & Jerry’s.

This family-owned, home-based business can be found in the city’s most iconic locations, and they provide tasty ice cream to its customers. For example, when you go to Baked by Melissa of Harvard Square, you will find Ben & Jerry’s on their menu.

This article was compiled and written by a student at Harvard University using real Boston sites, photographs, and text from Wikipedia.

13. Lobster Fra Diavolo

Lobster fra Diavolo is a special seafood dish Italian immigrants in America first made. The name refers to how lobster meat is cooked until it turns bright orange or red. This bright color is from hot chili pepper flakes used in the dish to give it some of its spicy taste.


This was a very interesting article about the foods of Boston, Massachusetts. Due to the city’s popularity of these foods, it offers some of the best cuisines in America. I hope you enjoyed this article, especially about Boston Cream Pie and lobster fra Diavolo.