American Food In Houston: Top 20 Amazing

American Food In Houston is a blog dedicated to uncovering and highlighting the best restaurants in Houston that serve a variety of American cuisines but with a local twist.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in America. With a diverse population—both culturally and gastronomically—it’s no surprise that we have a booming culinary scene.

What is the famous food in Houston?

Tex-Mex. Hands down, it is America’s most famous food. Houston was named one of the Top Ten Tex-Mex Cities by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2012.

However, this list isn’t limited to the city’s favourite dishes. Houston has some of the best Tex-Mex in the country—not just because we have our very own festival dedicated to a certain type of taco.

Does Houston have a good food scene?

American Food In Houston
American Food In Houston

Houston’s food scene is second to none. Houston has it if you’re looking for a plate of French fries in the morning or a bowl of Phat Burgers at lunch.

But with so many restaurants, how do you know which one to go to?

Finding the best restaurant in town is not difficult at all. We’ve done all the work for you. Enter your location and search through our extensive list of restaurants below.

Is there any healthy food in Houston?

Health food is not all quinoa and kale. It’s also about enjoying good, wholesome foods that make you feel great about yourself. Several Houston restaurants are wholeheartedly embracing this healthier approach to eating.

The city boasts many raw food restaurants that serve some of the most creative meals. For example, Raw Love offers vegetarian dishes with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds served cold or at room temperature (rather than cooked).

What part of Houston is the Breakfast Klub?

The Breakfast Klub is a local movement that launched in March 2012. The mission was to promote and support breakfast as a crucial part of our daily diet while also showcasing Houston’s restaurants as they serve breakfast throughout the day.

American Food In Houston
American Food In Houston

The Breakfast Klub also helps answer the age-old question of “where to eat breakfast in Houston?” We’ve compiled a list of nearly 200 different restaurants that offer breakfast, from traditional diners to more eccentric eateries that serve “breakfast foods.

Top 20 Amazing American Food in Houston

1. MAMA’s Soul Food (multiple locations)

The original location of this vibrant soul food restaurant gained national attention. With a flurry of video coverage, their first-hand experience with soul food was featured on Forbes and Rachael Ray.

2. The Breakfast Klub (Cypress)

This popular breakfast spot is known for its fresh, innovative cuisine served daily from the owner’s home to their loyal customers.

3. Hinano (multiple locations)

The Japanese-style menu at this cosy restaurant is just as delicious as the decor—which is a lot like an upscale, wood-panelled den.

4. Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken (multiple locations)

The chicken sandwich at this popular lunch spot is as tasty as it looks. The crispy chicken on a toasted roll is served with three different fixings, depending on your mood for pickles, jalapeños, or avocado slices.

5. BLD (multiple locations)

This popular breakfast and lunch spot is always bustling with an array of juices, smoothies, and milkshakes.

6. Salsa’s Cocina (multiple locations)

The visit to Salsa’s Cocina starts at the salsa bar, where you can mix up your sauce or choose from a wide selection of salsas.

7. The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation (Houston)

The Tex-Mex tradition at this city favourite is over half a century old, and you can still see the Mama of Ninfa’s, Mama Ninfa Laurenzo, in her portrait hanging from the restaurant’s rafters.

8. Kenny & Ziggy’s (Houston)

This Houston institution is famous for its mouth-watering matzo ball soup and has been named one of America’s best by Esquire magazine.

9. Lillo & Ella (Houston)

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean the food can’t be fun to look at. The vivid, vibrant plates of Lillo & Ella are as distinctive as they are delicious.

10. Underbelly (Houston)

Vibrant and flavorful, the menu at this popular Houston restaurant is as diverse as it is tasty. From pork belly to rabbit bones, chef Chris Shepherd proves that healthy food can be just as decadent as its unhealthy counterpart.

11. Ritual (Houston)

This relaxed eatery will leave you feeling rejuvenated with a menu that focuses on seasonal, sustainable cooking and California wines.

12. Reef (Houston)

Seafood lovers unite at this popular restaurant, where the menu changes daily based on the day’s fresh catch. The oysters are a definite must-try.

13. Kitchen 713 (Houston)

Touted as one of Houston’s best-kept secrets, this casual restaurant is known for its family-style approach to dining. The classic dishes are prepared with care and attention to detail.

14. The Pass & Provisions (Houston)

Ordering a burger here might remind you of home—especially if your mom or dad served them on a brioche bun (and you were raised on a kosher-style menu).

The burgers here are cut from grass-fed beef, which is free of hormones and antibiotics, so there’s no need to feel guilty when ordering one.

15. The Pass & Provisions (Dallas)

The owner of this Dallas location moved his restaurant to Houston to take advantage of all the fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables abundant in Bayou City. Therefore, you can expect to find a much different menu than the one in Dallas.

16. BRC Gastrotruck (multiple locations)

It’s not unusual to see Houstonians on the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth, enjoying a snack at the restaurant in this food truck. The drivers travel all across the state, from coast to coast and back again.

17. Home Slice Pizza (multiple locations)

Brought to us from New York City, this gourmet pizza joint has gained a devoted following for its unique style of making Italian-style pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

18. Riel (multiple locations)

The Asian-influenced menu at this Dallas restaurant is a little more sophisticated than most other Thai restaurants. The adventurous can spot dishes from different Asian cultures, like Lao and Vietnamese, on the menu.

19. Rosie’s Bakeshop (Houston)

This renowned bakery was started in 1936 by Rosie Perez, who loved to bake so much that she opened her shop to spend more time making desserts for her adoring public.

20. The Velvet Cactus (multiple locations)

This Tex-Mex eatery has a welcoming vibe complemented by its rustic interior and festive outdoor tables. The menu is as eclectic and tasty as it is bright.


If you want to find some of the best restaurants in Houston and Texas, check out this list. It is a guide that will help make your trip to Houston more fun and memorable.

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Is Houston a food capital?

Houston is the fourth largest metropolitan area in America and the most diverse. Houston has a reputation as a food capital because of its quality and variety of cuisine. To name just a few, you can find Greek, Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisines here.

Can I visit Houston without going to any of the best restaurants?

You can explore Houston without going to any of these top 20 best restaurants in Houston, but you won’t be able to enjoy their dishes (unless you’re one with an adventurous appetite!).

What is the hottest Club in Houston?

The hottest party in Houston is at Club S…. or you can say, the hottest Club in Houston is located at Club S….

Where are some good places to eat in Houston?

You can easily find several great places to eat in Houston. It would help if you visited a few of these top 20 best restaurants in Houston. We have another article on all the must-try restaurants in Dallas that you might want to check out http://www.texasfoodblog.