Japanese American Food: Top 10 Yoshoku

Japanese American Food is a favorite among food lovers in the United States. As its popularity has grown, Japanese American restaurants have sprung up all over the country.

Foodies now flock to Japanese American restaurants to taste their iconic dishes like udon noodle soup and fresh sushi rolls.

This article will take a look at some of the top Japanese American restaurants around California, as well as some of their popular dishes and foods.

Top 10 Yoshoku for Japanese American

1. Connie’s Kitchen

Located in Los Angeles, Connie’s Kitchen is a traditional Japanese American restaurant that is known for serving dishes such as tonkatsu and udon noodle soup. 

Japanese American Food
Japanese American Food

In addition to its namesake dish, tonkatsu, Connie’s Kitchen also serves other dishes that are similar to the food found in Japan. The restaurant’s menu features myriad delicious fried foods including chicken karaage, squid karaage, shrimp karaage, and more.

2. Katana-ya

The Japanese American food served at Katana-ya is influenced by American-style barbecue, which means that diners can expect the restaurant’s salmon, beef, pork, and seafood to be slow-cooked over an open fire in a method called yakiniku.

Katana-ya’s location in Los Angeles puts it within easy reach of Southern California residents. Visitors to the restaurant will also want to try its popular udon noodle dish that is made using fresh local ingredients.

3. Tokyo Go Go

Although Tokyo Go Go is best known for serving its classic omelets, the restaurant also serves a number of other Japanese American dishes that are influenced by Japanese cuisine. 

This sushi and Japanese American restaurant offer diners a chance to try seafood dishes like salmon teriyaki, squid salad, and shrimp tempura. Salads are common in Japanese American restaurants and Tokyo Go Go keeps with this tradition by serving up a wide variety of salad dishes.

4. Washoku Nishi

Washoku Nishi is a well-known Japanese American restaurant in Los Angeles that serves a variety of classic dishes like tonkatsu and miso soup. Washoku Nishi also serves up popular sushi rolls like dragon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and California rolls. 

As its name suggests, Washoku Nishi is known for serving traditional Japanese cuisine. However, the restaurant also offers some dishes that are modeled after U.S.

food such as fried chicken wings and fried shrimp tempura. Washoku Nishi’s menu features a wide variety of traditional and modern Japanese food.

5. Kyubey

Kyubey is a popular Japanese American restaurant located in Long Beach, California, that serves up a variety of different dishes like sushi rolls, udon noodles, and tempura. In addition to its signature dishes, Kyubey also offers traditional Hawaiian dishes such as loco moco hamburgers and meatloaf.

Kyubey also offers a modern take on Japanese American cuisine; its menu features dishes from scratch like homemade gyoza and hamburgers that are made from ground beef and rice.

6. Hibachi-ya

Japanese American Food
Japanese American Food

Hibachi-ya is a fast-food restaurant that serves up traditional Japanese food in a fast, casual environment. This restaurant is known for its hibachi chicken, which is cooked on the spot in front of diners. Hibachi-ya also serves a wide variety of delectable sushi rolls.

7. Sawtelle Kitchen

Sawtelle Kitchen is located in Los Angeles and is one of the most well-known Japanese American restaurants in Southern California. This restaurant is known for its seafood, which includes seafood salads, fish tacos, and sushi burritos. 

8. Kappo

Kappo has two locations in California, one in San Francisco and another in Los Angeles. This Japanese American restaurant is known for serving a variety of Japanese food, including udon and sushi rolls.

8. Kintaro Japanese Restaurant

Located in Los Angeles, Kintaro Japanese Restaurant is a traditional Japanese American restaurant that serves up many classic dishes including tonkatsu and tamagoyaki eggs. 

10. Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is a Japanese restaurant located in Los Angeles, which serves up traditional Japanese food such as katsu-don and tempura. This fast-food restaurant also serves up popular meat items like short ribs and chicken, as well as sushi and sashimi.


With so many Japanese American restaurant options available, diners in Southern California can enjoy their favorite dishes at restaurants near their home or office. 

The Top 10 Yoshoku for Japanese American food is a definitive guide to some of the top restaurants serving up authentic Japanese food around the United States.

It is filled with information about each restaurant as well as a list of some of the most popular dishes on their menus.  The Top 10 Yoshoku for Japanese American Food was created by Alex Boker from The Savvy Eco-Tourist.


What food did Japan bring to America?

Japanese food and dishes were introduced to the United States by Japanese people. In 1868, Japanese immigrants settled in California and soon began bringing traditional Japanese cuisine with them. In this way, the influences of American culture on Japanese American food can be attributed to both Japan and America.

Why do Americans like Japanese food?

There are several reasons that explain why Americans like Japanese food. For one, Americans of Japanese descent have a unique identity that is synonymous with their heritage.
As such, everyone who eats Japanese food as part of their ethnic background feels connected to that part of their heritage. This feeling of connection helps to explain why Americans like Japanese food today.

Why does Japanese American food have different names?

Most foods that are fine dining or ethnic food in America can have multiple names based on the different regions in which they are sold.