Chinese Food Buffet: The top 10 item Chinese buffets

Chinese Food Buffet is a Chinese food restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine. They have many Chinese dishes to choose from,

and they also offer sushi and desserts to round out your meal experience. All of their staff are trained in the art of Chinese cooking, so you can be sure that you will enjoy every bite!

What is a Chinese Food Buffet?

A Chinese food buffet is a restaurant that has an all-you-can-eat, fixed-price menu. The prices of the dishes vary but are usually around $10 – $25 per person for lunch and $20 – $30 per person for dinner.

You pay one flat fee, and then you can fill your plate with as much Chinese food as you want! Most buffets offer several noodles, fried rice, dumplings,

sesame chicken wings, shrimp in garlic sauce, and more! They also often have desserts like fortune cookies or mango pudding.

How to choose what dishes to try from the buffet

There are many choices available at Japanese restaurants these days, both in price point and types of dishes.

Asahi Gino (Feb 18) provides this advice for buffet-goers to make the most economical choice possible:

The ‘recommended course’ is cheaper than other courses. The all-you-can-eat buffet may appear to be inexpensive, but there are ways of economizing on the cost.

If you are trying out a new restaurant for the first time, it is often good to start with the ‘recommended course’ or buffet that comes with less expensive choices.”

Tips for eating at a Chinese food buffet

Chinese food buffets have been growing in popularity as people have grown tired of the traditional Cantonese spread.

Gold Guide (Mar 1) provides this advice for those who want to save money on these restaurants:

There are several ways to minimize your losses when eating at a Chinese restaurant. The first is to make sure that you only request hot tea, not the new milk variety.

The reason is that milk teas are usually priced at about NT$80-100 each, whereas a pot of hot tea only costs NT$50. If you can reduce your consumption to four cups per meal, you will have saved up to NT$300.”

The best time of year to go to a Chinese food buffet

Another effective strategy for reducing buffet costs is to go back at a less crowded time with Chinese tourists.

Gold Guide states: “In the high season from December to February, most people who eat at these restaurants are Taiwanese travelers and ex-pats.

Many of the dishes on offer will be cold dishes such as salads, which can be kept in the refrigerator during this period.

If you do not like eating cold dishes during the hot summer months, you will have to eat food that requires cooking on the spot, such as fried rice. So you can see how much more money this will cost.”

How to decide whether a buffet is worth the money

Asahi Gino (Apr 8) provides this advice for those who are unsure about going to a Japanese restaurant’s buffet spread:

“When considering whether or not a Japanese food buffet is worth it, it is essential to consider factors such as the number of dishes on offer and their price.

Once you have added up the cost, comparing what has been offered with other food outlets such as fast-food restaurants or izakaya pub fare is reasonable.

If the bill comes out to less than NT$1,000 for two people or NT$500 per person, it is not a bad deal. If you can stay within these limits, it is well worth considering.”

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The worst time of year to go to a Chinese food buffet

“In the low season from March to May and September to November, many hotels cut their buffet prices or temporarily suspend them, making it an excellent time to go.

In addition, as fewer Chinese people are traveling during this period, you can relax as there will be less of a chance of food poisoning occurring due to undercooked seafood dishes.”

How to find the best Chinese buffet in your area

“It is good if you can find a buffet in your area that has some dishes which are unique to the local area, so it may be worth asking friends who have traveled for their recommendations.

However, many Chinese restaurants do not offer this type of food choice, so you will only know if you ask.”

What are the benefits of eating at a Chinese food buffet?

“The most significant benefit of eating at a Chinese food buffet is that you will be able to try dishes which are not on the main menu, so this means you will have more variety.

Another benefit is being able to stay for longer, so if you are dining by yourself, it could be cheaper for you because there will not have to be any extra staff employed.”

How to eat at a Chinese food buffet with confidence

“The best way for you to save money when eating a Chinese food buffet is to only ask for hot tea. If you do all of your drinkings in this way, it will be much cheaper than ordering fresh milk teas every time.

In addition, if you can wait until the end of the meal to order desserts, you will save money and calories. By doing this, you can make a saving of up to NT$300 per person.”

The top 10 items you should try at any Chinese buffets

1. Peking Duck

There is an art to creating this succulent dish. The meat must be airy and juicy while the skin should be crispy, and its presentation is beautiful; thin rolls are magnificent.

This fantastic dish that uses both meat and skin comes with a special sauce to wrap the beef before devouring it.

2. Szechuan Dumplings

These dumplings are the best because they have a unique mix of spices wrapped inside that does not give you a spice overload even though it is spicy. The combination of ingredients also makes them a little sweet as well as a little spicy.

3. General Tso’s Chicken

This dish is lovely and tender with a special sauce to compliment the meat. The vegetables mixed in at times, such as bamboo shoots, add a great texture to the soft flesh of this dish.

There are also excellent spices that make it taste fresh, sweet, and crispy from the deep-fryer.

It has been said that the recipe for this creation was even used by President Clinton when he had state dinners at the White House.

4. Shrimp Dumplings

These dumplings have an exceptional taste. The filling is made from shrimp and some other spices, but the dough on these dumplings makes them unique. They can be steamed or pan-fried to give it a crispy outside.

5. Tofu with XO Sauce

This dish tastes fantastic because it has a spicy yet sweet sauce that makes you want to keep going back for more while at your Chinese buffet.

It is not too spicy where it will burn off all of your taste buds, but yet not too plain where you do not get a kick out of this dish.

6. Roasted Pork with Chinese Vegetables

This dish is entirely different from your everyday pork because it has a spiced sauce, yet the meat is still tender and juicy and crispy on some parts.

It tastes great when you cook this dish over rice or even noodles. This dish will make you want more of this at your Chinese buffet because it is very delicious.

7. Seafood Dinner

There are many types of seafood available to eat at any Chinese buffet, such as lobster, crawfish, shrimp, scallops, and other styles that will be listed under “Seafood” in the menu section at your Chinese buffet.

When you eat this dish, it will be an overload of flavors because so many different types of seafood are available to devour.

8. Vegetarian Delight

This is the best vegetarian dish that any Chinese buffet has to offer because it has more than 10vegetables inside with tasty sauce to bring out the flavor in each of them.

It also comes with steamed rice or noodles for a creative twist on your usual vegetable mix that can be found at most American restaurants.

9. Mango Pudding/Jello

This dessert is not like anything you would usually find at your local Chinese restaurant because it tastes very fresh and light.

It has an excellent texture because the pudding melts in your mouth within seconds, so you want to eat this more than once after trying it at your local Chinese buffet.

10. Chicken Feet

This is one of the most popular dishes offered at any Chinese buffet because there is usually always someone eating them when they are on display inside the food line.

These chicken feet taste very spicy and sweet, making it an exciting dish to try out with friends at your local Chinese restaurant.


The Chinese food buffet is a great way to enjoy the tastes of different types of Asian cuisine. While it may not be healthy, you can still find ways to make this type of meal healthier by choosing lower-calorie options or skipping out on some items altogether.

There are many benefits that come with eating at buffets, but it’s easy for them to become unhealthy when overeating occurs.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid all buffets in your life – just don’t eat too much because then they will end up being counterintuitive!

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