Great 10 American Food In Japan

American Food In Japan is a new blog written by a long-time ex-pat in Japan. The author, Lola, is an American who has been living in Japan for about 18 years.

She wants to share the things she learned about Japanese food culture with other foreigners and offer helpful tips on eating out and cooking at home.

What American foods are in Japan?

The food most Americans are familiar with back home is not available consistently in Japan. Here in Japan, the main staples of American food are hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken. However, some American foods have entered the Japanese diet thanks to their popularity overseas.

Almost all convenience stores sell ready-made omelets, burritos, and other ready-made meats and cheeses. This is one of the only ways to taste traditional American cuisine.

Do Japanese like American food?

I think the Japanese have a general interest in American foods. It’s hard to ignore the allure of pizza and hamburgers, which are popular in all corners of Japan.

Americans living in Japan, however, don’t necessarily agree that Japanese people enjoy the taste of American meals. Local cuisine is known for simplicity and fresh ingredients, so many prefer Japanese food over burgers.

What American things are popular in Japan?

American Food In Japan
American Food In Japan

Many Japanese have seen American movies and TV shows, so they know what burgers and pizza taste like. Also, many Japanese study English, so they can ask for American restaurants around town and get the menu in English.

Where in Japan do Americans eat?

There are a handful of chain restaurants owned by Americans here in Japan. These include Pizza Hut, KFC, and Mcdonald’s. They cater to foreigners living in Japan and offer American-style food at standard Japanese prices – meaning higher than the average Japanese meal.

Do they have American food in Tokyo, Japan?

Yes, there are a handful of American restaurants in Tokyo. Tokyo is host to the largest variety of ex-pat restaurants in Japan. You will most likely be spending your money on these restaurants for special occasions or an authentic taste of home.

Great 10 American Food In Japan

1. California Burgers

You can find them at any fast food chain in the country. They are usually the closest you’ll get to a real American burger.

2. Sushi

Sushi is popular all over Japan, but Japanese people love American Sushi because of how fresh it is compared to Japanese Sushi.

3. Pizza

Pizza is also very popular in Japan, and most places will offer pizza for lunch and dinner with rice, salad, and some other side.

4. Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are very popular in Japan and look different from those back home. Japanese drumsticks are coated with a batter and deep fried to get that crunchy texture.

5. Ice Cream

In my experience, ice cream is denser than American ice cream, but it can easily satisfy your craving for some cold sweet treat!

6. Hamburgers

Hamburgers are easy to find around Japan, but you usually pay $15-20 for them.

7. Fried Chicken

Japanese fried chicken is not the same as American fried chicken. It’s usually served with rice, some side salad, and a bowl of soup or salad. The coating on the chicken itself is thicker than American fried chicken, so it’s not as crispy.

8. Tacos

Tacos in Japan are different than tacos in America! Instead of corn tortillas, they are typically served with fried potatoes and then wrapped in some lettuce leaves instead of a burrito shell.

American Food In Japan
American Food In Japan

(Update: That was a few years ago, and now you can get tacos in pretty much any restaurant. I don’t even know what the distinction is anymore.)

9. Pizza Breadsticks

Pizza breadsticks at Japanese fast food restaurants are often baked with garlic butter, pepperoni, and some added seasoning.

10. Fried Chicken Sandwiches

There are a ton of American fast-food chains in Japan as well. These include Popeyes, KFC, and McDonald’s. Most of the fried chicken options on their menus are served with rice, plain salad, and some other side dish.


American food in Japan is a hit or miss. While it is hard to find authentic American food in Japan, the foods you can see are often disguised in Japanese style to appeal to Japanese people.

However, there are some true American restaurants available in Tokyo that offer authentic American-style meals.