Great 5 Kosher Food American Dream Mall

Kosher Food American Dream Mall is a new kosher food court that opened its doors in October of 2018. Located at the busy US Route 4 and Interstate 81 interchange, the mall is home to a multitude of restaurants and shops.

Some new eateries include a healthy vegan cuisine cafe, a dinner buffet, and a hot pasta stand. In addition to these traditional options, there are also some unusual additions such as a Jamaican restaurant and three different bakeries.

Is there Kosher Pizza in the American dream?

Of course, there is. The kosher food American dream mall has been especially popular with students at nearby West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The majority of its customers are locals between the ages of 18-35.

The mall has noticed that many people are attracted to the mall by the mention of pizza and they have responded with a pizza restaurant aptly called The Pizza Place.

Is Dunkin Donuts kosher in American Dream mall?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts is kosher, but you will have to drive up Route 447, which turns into Brinton Lake Road and then Broad Marsh Mall Road. Dunkin Doughnuts can be found at the Shoppes at Broad Marsh shopping complex.

Kosher Food American Dream Mall
Kosher Food American Dream Mall

The rest of the restaurants and shops are located in the American Dream mall itself. Included in this mall structure is a kosher dairy restaurant called Another Place that serves artisanal pizzas and sandwiches as well as a bar with a tap house.

Is the American Dream mall opened?

Yes, the mall is open and has a regular schedule of events (both religious and secular) that are open to all.

Another interesting feature of this mall is the fact that it is climate controlled. This means during the summer, indoor temperatures are kept under 80 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter, heating keeps air temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there kosher food in American Dream mall?

There is kosher food to be found here. It is interesting to note that the kosher food American Dream mall has also hosted high-profile events by hosting a DreamWorks Animation party in September of 2018.

Is there kosher pizza in American Dream mall?

There is kosher pizza in American dream mall and it is indeed delicious! The pizzas are hand-tossed and come in a variety of flavors (including buffalo chicken, pepperoni, and even pesto). The ingredients are fresh, leaving customers full and happy.

Is American Dream expensive?

Yes, it can be rather pricey for a small mall. The mall is not very large and therefore has a smaller selection of goods to keep things affordable.

However, there are a few items that will help you stretch your dollar. For example, there are a couple of bakeries in the mall that sell hot cakes for less than $1 per individual portion.

Why are stores closed on Sunday in American Dream mall?

This is a common question that many people have since the mall is open on Sunday. Stores are closed on Shabbat to allow employees to rest. Those who are not Jewish usually receive an extra day off during the week (or two if they work a 6-day week).

Kosher Food American Dream Mall
Kosher Food American Dream Mall

However, there are some stores open on Sundays and these tend to be outlets or shops such as Bath and Body Works (which is owned by L’Oreal) that operate under different models of business.

What happened in American Dream mall?

There have been some minor controversies surrounding the mall in the past year or so. The owner of the mall, the Triple Five Group (which was also responsible for building Mall of America), has been accused of hiring lower-wage contractors to save money.

Despite this, it is a beautiful place to shop and an excellent opportunity to explore kosher options while doing so.

Are all restaurants kosher in American Dream mall?

You may be wondering if all restaurants are kosher, but unfortunately, there is not a universal certification for this kind of establishment. The mall has a pretty extensive list of restaurants, but all of them do not have kosher certification, even if they do serve kosher food.

Is parking free at American Dream mall?

In some instances, parking is free (such as the mall’s parking lot) and in other cases, parking can be expensive or remote. Numerous local lots are available for free or for a small fee. Some of these are located near the mall and will cost you anywhere from $1.50 to $6.00 per day.

Oreo cafe American Dream Kosher

There is a new and trendy cafe in the Kosher food American Dream mall called Oreo Cafe. Oreo cafe is a perfect place to stop over for good, kosher food. They serve soup, pasta, and some light meals.

Oreos (cookies) are made in many different flavors and from different parts of the world so you will have a chance to taste them all at Oreo Cafe even if you are not that big a fan of Oreos.

American Dream mall Kosher For Passover

The answer is yes, it is. The mall has many restaurants and stores that are kosher. To prove whether they are or not, you can contact the proprietors of each establishment and ask them if they are kosher for Passover.

This works with any supermarket or other type of store that sells food. But what about stores like Bath and Body Works? They have a different model of business where almost everything is sold separately in a store within the mall.

Kosher Pizza American Dream Mall

The kosher pizza in American dream mall is a great choice for anyone who is visiting the mall or lives close by. You can have it delivered straight to your desk or table and chow down.

It is delicious and festive because it contains toppings that go beyond what you would typically find on a simple pepperoni pizza. If you are looking for some extra room for dessert, try the tempting desserts that come with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Chickies Kosher American Dream

A kosher restaurant in the American dream mall called Chickies is the perfect choice for a good, kosher meal.

The food is tasty, hot, and delicious. It is well known for its lunch buffet and its delicious Jewish dishes such as chicken soup, fish nuggets, and many more.

The food is popular among people of all ages. There are also a lot of desserts available such as tiramisu, caramel rolls, or cheesecake slices.

Great 5 Kosher Food American Dream Mall

1. Chickies

This is one of the best kosher restaurants in the American dream mall. The food is delicious and hot, with some great variety. The chicken soup and fish nuggets are worth trying.

2. Milano’s Pizzeria

Milano’s offers more than just pizzas, they also serve a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and pasta that are very popular with everyone.

3. Lucky Spring Noodle Bar

Lucky Spring Noodle Bar serves a wide variety of food, from noodle dishes to desserts, including all kinds of noodles you can imagine.

4. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s serves a wide variety of Tex-Mex dishes and Mexican specialties that are quite popular in the American dream mall. The food is delicious and everything is made fresh to order. Some people even like to sit out on their deck while enjoying the view of the mall.

5. Oreo Cafe

This is a great cafe where you can get delicious cookies and other delightful desserts that you normally see at a bakery. You can enjoy some great desserts while relaxing at the cafe.


American Dream mall is a wonderful place to shop and dine, with some great Chick-Fil-A that is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

You can even get the food delivered to your home if you need it. There are many things to do in the area, including a safari park, zoo, and even bowling. American dream mall has lots of kosher restaurants you can go to as well.