Asian American Food Mart: Amazing 25 Review

Asian American Food Mart is a grocery store that provides various Asian food products. Located in the heart of Seattle, they offer customers a range of dishes from Korea and China, as well as sushi and tempura choices.

They also carry unusual items, such as African spices and traditional Argentinian teas. Here are just a few reasons why this store deserves your business! Asian American Food Mart is one of Seattle’s best places to buy Asian foods.

How is Asian American Food Mart rated?

Asian American Food Mart is rated 4 out of 5. The store offers many great things, but there is always room for improvement.

They are currently working on adding a few more produce items and selling more gift items to appeal to all kinds of shoppers. As you can see from the reviews and ratings, most customers love this store for its variety and convenient location!

What forms of payment are accepted at Asian American Food Mart?

Asian American Food Mart accepts payment through cash and credit/debit cards. They also have an ATM, which is convenient on busy days!

What should I bring when I visit Asian American Food Mart?

This store offers an ample supply of everything you could need for a range of Asian dishes. However, if you desire Chinese food, it would be best to bring your own cooking oils and seasonings. Most cooking supplies in the store are from China, so they may not have what you’re looking for.

Amazing 25 Review of Asian American Food Mart

1. Fantastic Products

Asian American Food Mart
Asian American Food Mart

“We love shopping for our ingredients here! The markets are incredible and well-stocked, with a great variety of produce, fish, meats, and seafood. There’s a great selection of rice and noodles too.”

2. Easy To Park

” I love it. They have everything that is needed in Asian cooking. Their store is always clean, and the parking lot is huge.”

3. Interesting Sushi and Sashimi

“They offer interesting sashimi choices, and their sushi is fresh. Their prices are reasonable too.”

4. A Hidden Gem

“The best place to buy Asian ingredients is in Seattle! I thought this was a good place to buy Asian food, but it’s a great grocery store offering more than just Asian food.”

5. Award-Winning Meat

“This market has won many awards for fresh meat and seafood.”

6. Impressive Decor

“The market is beautiful and well decorated. There’s a fresh smell in the air, which I love.”

7. A Large Variety of Stores

“They have a few other stores on this same floor, which is great for those looking to buy Asian ingredients.”

8. Quality Meat and Seafood

“The meat and seafood in this place are fantastic!”

9. Award-Winning Fish

Asian American Food Mart
Asian American Food Mart

“I usually purchase a lot of fish here. They sell fish that is free of any chemicals.”

10. Fresh Ingredients

“This store has a great supply of fresh ingredients.”

11. Consistent Quality

“They always have high-quality meat and seafood that are consistent with how they were advertised.”

12. An Option for a Gift Certificate

“We bought one for our friend’s birthday, and the staff was very helpful in explaining what it was all about.”

13. Easy To Navigate

“There’s one employee that knows exactly where everything is–she’s a gem!”

14. Good Quality Meat and Seafood

“They have everything that I need for my favorite Asian dishes. Their seafood tastes amazing, and their meat is always fresh.”

15. Great Customer Service

“The people that work there are very helpful.”

16. Fresh Fish and Produce

“I buy their fish often because it tastes great, and I’m on a strict diet.”

17. Quality Meats and Produce

“I have bought produce from here many times. Their fish is always fresh.”

18. Wide Selection Of Fresh Food

“The food they sell there is fresh- it would be hard to buy a mediocre product from these guys.”

19. Meat Delivery Service

“They offer a meat delivery service for those physically unable to get anything themselves.”

20. Customer Service

“The people that work there are always very helpful and nice.”

21. Consistent Quality

“I’ve been shopping here for years, and I’m always happy with the quality of their produce.”

22. Fresh Food

“Their fish, meat, and produce are always fresh.”

23. Great Seafood Supply

“They have an excellent seafood supply that includes everything from fresh fish to crabs. It’s hard to find a place with such a wide selection.”

24. Fresh Fish and Meat

“Their meat is always fresh, and their seafood is always fresh and fresh-smelling.”

25. A Great Variety of Foods

“The variety of foods they sell at this Asian market is amazing!”


Asian-American Food Mart is a great place to shop for fresh, high-quality Asia food. They can supply you with the ingredients needed to make various dishes, including some authentic Asian dishes.

The store has a friendly staff that’s always happy to answer questions, and they acknowledge and thank their loyal customers regularly.