10 Ways to Life Hacks Chinese Food Container

Life Hacks Chinese Food Container are great for storing leftovers, but they can be hard to open. Life hacks are here to help!

Hacks Chinese Food Container
Hacks Chinese Food Container

We’ve compiled the top 10 life hacks that will make your meal prep more accessible and more efficient. These life hacks are easy-to-follow, quick fixes that won’t take up too much of your time.

So don’t worry about where you’ll eat tomorrow’s lunch – these tips will have you eating out of a Chinese food container in no time!

10 Ways to Life Hacks Chinese Food Container

1. Portable Box

Eat your lunch with no plate or tray required!

2. Snack Containers

You can make small snack containers with the lids using chopsticks as dividers.

3. Cupcake Container for Cookie Dough

Put cupcake liners inside the container and fill up the cupcake liner. When you’re done, pinch the corner of the liner to remove excess dough!

4. Make a Tortilla Holder from a Chopstick

You can cut chopsticks in half and use them as tortilla holders when eating soft tacos or quesadillas on the go!

5. Container for Watermelon

You can cut the top or bottom off of any plastic water/soda bottle, making it the perfect height to serve as a container for a large wedge of watermelon!

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6. Sandwich Keepers

Use two containers and place one inside the other vertically. Fill the outer container with half of your sandwich ingredients and then put in a set of utensils.

Put the other half of the ingredients in a separate container and secure both halves with elastic bands or binder clips!

7. DIY Ice Cream Container from Paper Towel Tube

Turn an old paper towel tube into an ice cream cone! This is genius–it’s super-easy to eat out of and easy to shove in a purse or backpack to take out.

8. DIY Ice Cream Container from Tuna Can

Turn an old tuna can into an ice cream container! This one has gussets, making it super sturdy and easy to fill with your favourite summertime treat.

9. Make Your Dip Cups Using Condiment Bottles

Stuff large disposable plastic cups with water bottles (no label) and use them as dip containers for parties!

10. Toothpaste Tube Squishy Toy

You really shouldn’t be squeezing toothpaste tubes anyway; you’ll compromise the seal too easily. Instead, make this fun stress toy by loosening the top of the toothpaste tube just enough so that product oozes out when you squeeze it.


After reading this blog post, you should be able to find the perfect life hack for your Chinese food container. Now that we’ve given you 10 different hacks to use with your jar, there are no excuses not to try them out!

Which of these would work best in your situation? Let us know if any of these ideas helped and share other ways people have found to reuse their Chinese takeout containers.