11 Tasty Indian Food Buffet Dinner Near Me

11 Tasty Indian Food Buffet Dinner Near Me is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. And with good reason: it’s rich, deep and full of flavor!

Indian Food Buffet Dinner Near Me
Indian Food Buffet Dinner Near Me

There are hundreds of different Indian dishes to try and they all vary by region and family. But what do you do if you don’t know where to start?

Well, luckily for you we’ve found 11 Indian restaurants near me that offer a buffet dinner with something for everyone! So go ahead and check them out today; we guarantee they’ll be worth your time!

11 Tasty Indian Food Buffet Dinner Near Me

1) The Bombay Grille – This restaurant has been featured on Food Network, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing when it comes to Indian cuisine.

They have an extensive menu that includes everything from creamy curries to rich goat vindaloo. But what makes them special is their weekend buffet dinner! Highlights include chicken tikka masala, garlic naan and samosas filled with spicy potatoes.

2) Golden India Restaurant – Golden India in an unassuming place that might be easy to miss if you’re in a rush. But trust us when we say this one’s worth looking for!

They offer a range of classic dishes like shrimp moilee, aloo gobi and pakora; but the biggest draw is their extensive dessert selection which includes everything from gulab jamun (fried milk dumplings soaked in rose syrup) to rasmalai (paneer cheese soaked in cardamom flavored cream). Yum!

3) New Delhi – This modern Indian café is great for lunch or dinner. They serve traditional dishes like biryani and chicken tikka masala, but the highlight of their menu has got to be their selection of regional specialties.

They’re best known for their Malabari seafood dishes which hail from the coastal state of Kerala in Southern India. You can enjoy flavors like mussels cooked in a saffron gravy or slow cooked lamb with roasted fennel seeds; it’s well worth checking out!

4) Bombay House – This award-winning restaurant serves everything from fresh naan to tender kulcha (bread stuffed with flavored potatoes). But what makes them truly great are their cocktails like the vodka infused blueberry mojito and the raspberry martini.

They also offer an impressive range of wines like their house chardonnay and pinot grigio; perfect for those hot summer nights spent outside on their lovely patio!

5) O Agave Azul – If you’re looking for a true taste of Mexico then look no further than this trendy eatery!

They serve authentic Mexican dishes with a modern twist, including everything from camarones mofongo (shrimp stuffed with fried plantains) to tacos de sesos (sweetbread tacos).

The restaurant itself is covered by a large wooden trellis which offers shade during the day and allows the stars to shine bright at night.

6) Ravi Restaurant – This Indian restaurant is located in the heart of downtown so you can expect to find a range of colorful characters. They also have an extensive menu that includes everything from Bombay style biryani to creamy chicken korma.

But what makes them special are their weekend buffet dinners which include dishes like lamb vindaloo, papadum and raita yogurt sauce!

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7) Karavalli East Coast – This restaurant hails from Bangalore, India’s fifth largest city. The dining room offers expansive views of palm trees and vibrant hibiscus flowers; making it feel as though you’re dining on the banks of the Arabian Sea.

Highlights include seafood thali platters cooked with coconut milk and tandoori pomfrets doused in sweet tamarind chutney.

The restaurant itself is best known for its extensive South Indian menu – everything from lemon rice with cashews to banana boli (sweet bread).

8) Royal India Bistro – This cozy little nook in downtown serves some of the finest Indian food in town. Highlights include chicken tikka masala cooked in a creamy tomato sauce and garlic naan baked with fresh garlic and coriander leaves.

They’re also well known for their vegetarian dishes like baingan bharta (roasted eggplant sauteed with onions and tomatoes), kadai mushroom (stir fried mushrooms cooked with rajma) and aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes).

9) Bollywood Café – This café is inspired by the Indian film industry which goes by the same name. They serve classic dishes from North as well as South India –

everything from idli (steamed rice cakes with lentil soup) to dosa (rice and lentil crepes). They also have a takeaway counter where you can grab lunch on the go; perfect for those busy days at work!

10) Jang Bahar – If you love kebabs then this Persian restaurant is definitely worth checking out! They offer all types of kebab platters like lamb seekh kabob cooked in saffron-infused yogurt and jumbo shrimp kabob grilled in a tandoor oven.

They also have quite an extensive list of wine, so be sure to check it out once you’ve placed your order!

11) Ashiana – This restaurant is known for serving the best Indian food in town! Their menu includes all types of North Indian dishes like kebabs cooked in yoghurt and house-made paneer (fried cheese cubes); yum!

If you’re still hungry after that then check out their range of traditional desserts like gulab jamun (deep fried rose flavored syrup balls) and rasmalai (sweet cheese dumplings soaked in saffron infused milk). It’s definitely worth checking out; enjoy!


There are a lot of Indian buffet dinner near me restaurants to choose from, but these 11 seem like great choices. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

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