The Best Of Taiping Food Dinner: 10 Mouth-Watering Dishes

I have always been a fan of good Taiping Food Dinner. While I was living in Taiping, Malaysia, I had the opportunity to try many different types of dishes.

Taiping Food Dinner
Taiping Food Dinner

Recently, I went on a dinner tour on Taiping for dinner-themed Taiping Food Dinner which covered 10 different dishes that are native to the area. Here are the 10 dishes that are served in 1 Taiping Food Dinner.

Taiping Food Dinner

Taiping Food Dinner is a blog post about the food I ate in Taiping, Malaysia. It’s mostly street food and it was delicious!  I tried some chicken, fish balls, fried rice cake (chai tow kway), and more.

All of them were really tasty but my favorite thing to eat at this dinner was the deep-fried eggplant slices with pork floss wrapped around them.

10 Mouth-Watering Dishes

1. Yew Chap – This dish is basically a vegetable soup filled with meat, vegetables and other ingredients to enhance its flavors.

The Yew Chap was not bad but it did lack the oomph factor especially because I did not have chilli or any type of hot sauce with it. It would have been perfect if the flavor was more intense.

2. Yau Mak Lam – This dish is basically a pork ribs soup cooked in soya sauce and spices and served in a claypot.

The flavors of the yau mak lam were good and left me wanting for more especially when eaten together with rice. ​

3. Leong Awak – This dish is basically beans wrapped in banana leaves, seasoned and boiled in salt water before being served to you hot on a plate or bowl depending on your preference​ .

I loved this dish because the chewy texture of the bean coupled with its strong flavors made it an awesome snack that can be enjoyed anytime of day even during breakfast time!

4. Soon Kueh – This dish is basically a small deep fried cake that does not have any filling or even toppings.

Soon Kueh
Soon Kueh

The highlight of this dish was the crispy outer layer which gave its texture more depth while the inside still remained moist unlike many other cakes in Malaysia where you are left with dryness after consuming it.

It is best eaten with soya sauce which enhances the flavor of this simple snack immensely! I would definitely grab one or two pieces when I come across them again!​

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5. Apam Balik – This dish is also known as “Turun Terbangku” and is basically an Apam served ala mode (with ice cream). What makes this version unique from others like the our local Apam Balik is that it is served rolled and wrapped inside a thin omelette.

This gives it an extra crunchy texture on the outside with​ its original Apam filling still remaining moist inside.

6. Cendol – The cendol was not bad but I have eaten better ones in Kuala Lumpur before. One thing that puts me off about the cendol was that there were chunks of ice cubes in them which made it difficult for me to eat because these would always make my mouth cold whenever I took a bite of them.

7. Char Kway Teow – This fried dish contains flat noodles, shrimps, eggs, chives, bean sprouts and other ingredients cooked together in soya sauce and chili.

I loved this dish immensely because of its fresh flavors which has the perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy all at once!

8. Yong Tau Foo – This cold dish is basically noodles filled with different types of ingredients like tofu, minced pork, fishballs among others soaked in soya sauce. One thing that surprised me about this dish was how fresh it was despite being eaten after many hours at night time.

Yong Tau Foo

What made it even better was the fact that there were pieces of fried dough (yong tau foo kuih) wrapped inside their serving making its texture more interesting to eat!

9. Gopi Ice Cream – This dessert basically consists of ice cream which is usually infused with pandan flavors and wrapped in Gopi (wrap made of coconut coir).

I loved this dessert because it was light, refreshing yet had the milky flavor which all ice cream lovers will crave for.

10. Loh Hon Doh – This is an all time favorite snack of mine that I usually buy at night markets while travelling overseas!

It is basically a ball made up of mashed potatoes filled with peanuts then deep fried until golden brown before being seasoned with salt and sugar.

The reason why I love loh hon doh so much was because the sweet savory flavors just exploded in my mouth when I took every bite of it making me crave for more!


The Taiping Food Dinner was a great opportunity to try some of the best dishes in town. For those who can’t make it out to this popular event, there is no need for worry!

Check out our blog post on 10 mouth-watering dishes that will leave you drooling and guarantee an enjoyable time with friends and family at home.