11 Of The Best Salads Bend Oregon

The best salads Bend Oregon can be hard to find, but I have seen some of the most delicious ones. If you’re looking for a fresh and healthy salad, then this blog post is for you! Here are my top 11 favorites.

11 of the best Salads Bend Oregon

1. Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails is a family-owned restaurant that serves up dishes with flair. They offer everything from zydeco classics to new twists,

like their famous Creole BBQ Shrimp and Crab Cakes. The menu includes fresh salads, signature cocktails, wine by the glass or bottle, and desserts!

2. Bangers & Brews

Bangers & Brews is a new eatery in Bend, Oregon, and it’s the first of its kind. A restaurant that specializes in gourmet sausages and craft beers, all while being eco-friendly!

They have been so successful so far with their menu and the sustainable practices that they’ve received a lot of attention from the community. Bangers & Brews is more than just a meal; it’s an experience for those who enjoy trying new things.

3. McKay Cottage Restaurant

McKay Cottage Restaurant in Salads Bend, Oregon, is a great place to stop and eat.

Located on the edge of town, this cozy restaurant has all the charm you could ask for. If you want more than just salad, they also have sandwiches and pizza.

4. Ariana Restaurant

The Ariana restaurant is a new addition to downtown Bend, Oregon. The team of chefs and owners have been serving up quality food for over 20 years from their original location in Portland.

They are excited about the move to Bend because of the similarity in culture. However, one thing that has not changed is their dedication to making sure everything they serve tastes delicious and fresh!

5. Joolz

Joolz a Salads is a fantastic salad restaurant in Bend, Oregon. They have an extensive menu of salads, soups, and sandwiches to suit any taste.

The service is fast and friendly, with some of the friendliest staff around! If you’re looking for fresh ingredients and a healthy meal, be sure to stop by Joolz a Salads today!

6. Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza

In a city of new and popular restaurants, Pisano’s Woodfired Pizza and Salads is the place to go.

The restaurant has been around for over 25 years, and it continues to be a favorite with locals. They offer fresh ingredients, delicious pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and more!

7. Spork

Spork a Salads is located in Bend, Oregon, and they specialize in fresh, homemade salads with plenty of options to choose from.

Their menu includes 12 different salad dressings, 5 cheese for toppings, and 3 kinds of bread for the sandwiches you can create. They also offer an assortment of soups and hot dishes that will whet your appetite!

8. Jackson’s Corner

Jackson’s Corner is a local restaurant that has been around for many years. They specialize in salads and have an extensive menu of different flavors to choose from.

They also offer catering services so you can enjoy their delicious food at your next event!

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9. The Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Neighborhood Grill is a restaurant in Bend, Oregon. This blog post will explore their menu and food items, as well as the benefits of each.

The Lemon Tree has been open for over 15 years with a commitment to quality and consistency. They offer many different food options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, all made fresh daily.

So whether you’re looking for a tasty morning meal or want to take your taste buds on a journey, stop by this delightful eatery today!


The Drake in Bend Oregon is an old-school diner with a modern twist. Located in the heart of downtown, this family-owned business has been serving hearty breakfast and lunch dishes since 1939.

Whether you want to sit outside at one of their picnic tables or enjoy the retro ambiance inside, you will be sure to leave satisfied.

11. The Blacksmith Restaurant

“The Blacksmith Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Bend Oregon. The restaurant has been serving up fresh and local ingredients since 1968.”

“We pride ourselves on using products that are sourced within a 150-mile radius, which includes organic produce from our garden and specialty meats and cheeses.” 

“We’re sure you’ll enjoy our seasonal menu items like the smoked bacon cheddar burger, blackened salmon tacos, or chicken pot pie!”


The 11 best salads in Bend, Oregon, are not only tasty, but they’ll leave you feeling great. Salads don’t have to be boring and health-conscious;

they can be an indulgent meal that satisfies your taste buds while also ensuring you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.

If you need to find a delicious salad for lunch or dinner, take these with you on your next trip out of town! Let us know so we can add them to our list too!

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