624 Kam Hai Chinese Food: Best 7 Health Benefits

624 Kam Hai Chinese Food is a small, locally-owned restaurant in the heart of Winnipeg. They specialize in Cantonese cooking and boast an extensive menu with dishes for every taste bud, including vegetarian options.

Their wide variety of offerings makes it easy to find something everyone will love (as long as they avoid their deep-fried tilapia – stick to the other entries!).

I was introduced to 624 Kam Hai by my friend Trishan Wang, whose mom loves bringing her there when she comes home from China each year.

What is 624 Kam Hai Chinese Food?

624 Kam Hai Chinese Food is located on the corner of Ellice and Sargent avenues in the North End, next to Hoan Kiem Vietnamese Restaurant.

History of 624 Kam Hai Chinese Food

Kam Ka-Ming and her husband own 624 Kam Hai Chinese Food. The couple opened their first restaurant in Hong Kong in 1960, which they operated for ten years before moving to Canada in 1970.

They quickly built up a reputation amongst Winnipeg’s Chinese community as the place to get high-quality dishes. They built a new, larger restaurant on Ellice Avenue, which they’ve been running ever since.

How to make 624 Kam Hai Chinese Food


  • 8 Whole Chicken Legs (or thighs)
  • 3/4 lb of Littleneck Clams, cleaned and de-shelled
  • 1/2 lb of Whole Clams, cleaned and de-shelled
  • 1 lb of Seafood Roe, cleaned and de-skins
  • 7 Green Onions (sliced into medium strips) 


Step 1: Wash and soak chicken for at least 2 hours in cold water.

Step 2: Discard the water and cook the chicken in a large pot of very hot oil (or oil from the deep fryer) until golden brown on all parts. Then remove from oil and drain on paper towels.

Step 3: Heat wok, add oil and heat 350 degrees F (Medium-High Heat).

Step 4: Add the clam mixture, shrimp, and green onions to the hot oil in the wok.

Step 5: Stir fry until the clams are open and the shrimp is pink. Remove from wok and drain on paper towels.

Step 6: Finally, add the chicken legs to the wok and stir fry until golden brown. Serve immediately.

Best 7 Health Benefits of 624 Kam Hai Chinese Food

1. heart disease

624 Kam Hai Chinese Food
624 Kam Hai Chinese Food

The high protein and cholesterol from the clams and shrimp are ideal for lowering heart disease.

2. Obesity

High protein in the diet aids weight loss. Protein also helps rid the body of toxins through sweating, which flushes out toxins through perspiration rather than excretion by urination.

Weight loss can also occur by not eating as much food as usual since some hunger is suppressed during a meal after eating protein-rich foods.

3. Digestive Problems

The chicken legs are easy to digest, as they are smaller and have less fat than chicken breasts. The clams, shrimp, seafood roe, green onions, and ginger also aid digestion.

4. Cancer Prevention

Clams (but not the roe) contain Selenium which can help prevent cancer. Seafood is also a 3rd leading source of cancer prevention in the United States and has been linked to lower breast cancer rates in women on Long Island, New York.

5. Heart Attack Recovery

After a heart attack, consuming foods rich in protein and cholesterol is crucial. Quick death often occurs with an acute heart attack, but this can be prevented with a high-protein diet after the event. This is due to the body’s creation of new muscle tissue during recovery.

6. Skin Health

The high protein content of the clam, shrimp, and chicken adheres to and moisturizes the skin. Skin health can be improved with a proper diet due to the strengthening of blood vessels and cell regeneration.

7. Anemia

For those with anemia, red meat is essential to boost blood oxygen levels. Clams have a high iron content and protein, which aids in hemoglobin production. Iron also aids in healthy brain function.

Can I Freeze It?

Clams freeze quite easily, but the clam quality quickly deteriorates after freezing. Shrimp freeze well but lose their flavor and texture.

624 Kam Hai Chinese Food
624 Kam Hai Chinese Food

Chicken and green onions fare poorly in the freezer. I would avoid freezing all except seafood roe, though you can freeze seafood roe for up to a year.

Can I Eat it Warm?

Yes, you can eat it warm. The temperature of the food will not be as hot as if it were cooked in hot oil. It is best to cook all meats, vegetables, and seafood at a lower temperature than hot oil and keep them warm until ready to serve.

What is it Good with?

624 Kam Hai Chinese Food is a hearty meal that can be served with small portions of rice and other dishes to balance the meal. I like to eat this dish with smaller portions of Stir-Fried Tofu and Lettuce Wraps.


624 Kam Hai Chinese Food is a great dish that can be quite filling, though the portion size may be too large for some. The dish is both flavorful and healthy, making it a meal to try if you want some food to satisfy your craving for meat and vegetables.

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