Top 15 Amazing American Food Seattle

American Food Seattle is a blog post about all of the amazing food you can find in Seattle. The author, 8th grader Taylor Holland, has seen many new foods to try while in this beautiful city.

Check out this blog post to see what she has discovered! “The first day of my trip, I had no clue what the best spots were for American food in Seattle.

What food is famous in Seattle?

I thought I’d try my luck and be spontaneous and hungry, so we first went to Pike Place Market. The place was packed with people; there were many choices for FOOD, but none sounded familiar.

I had a craving for “American” food, though. I asked a guy where I could find the best burgers in Seattle. He told me about this place called Red Mill, so off we went to get a bite to eat.

Is Seattle a foodie town?

The food was delicious, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I asked a lady where I could find the best American food in Seattle; as usual, there were no recommendations. We had to take another trip back to the hotel to rest for another day of exploring.

It was late, so we didn’t start until the next morning. It was early on Sunday, so not much was open, but still, we had many places to hit on my list. We stopped at a place called The Pink Door.

What fruit is Seattle known for?

It was time to get some brunch, so I asked around. This place called Molly Moon’s Science Ice Cream had great reviews, so we stopped by. It didn’t take long to see why people were raving about it.

American Food Seattle
American Food Seattle

I’m still not sure if Seattle is a foodie town, but there are a lot of yummy places to eat in this city! I would love to return one day and try out all the places I missed.

Can you get American food in Singapore?

We hopped on the monorail to go down to Pike’s Place Market. I got a little hungry, so I went for lunch at this cute seafood place, Anthony’s. Do you know What food you can only get in Seattle?

I can’t say I would ever think to look for American food here in Singapore. I love it when we travel because you get exposed to all kinds of new things. It’s always fun to try out local favorites, too!

What food is popular in Seattle?

We went over the Seattle Great Wheel on the monorail and then back downtown. A really cute place called Fremont Troll took us back under the street to this neat little sculpture garden.

What candy is Seattle famous for?

We stopped for a little ice cream at the Daily Dozen Doughnuts restaurant. I got the PB&J doughnut, and it was DELICIOUS! Maybe someday I’ll get to taste all their other doughnuts.

Top 15 Amazing American Food Seattle

1. Red Mill Burgers

Red Mill Burgers is a popular place for American Food in Seattle. They have great burgers and the best milkshakes ever. Their food is delicious and at great prices. This is one of the best places for American food in Seattle!

2. Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

American Food Seattle
American Food Seattle

This is the place to go if you want some good ice cream. They have 15 flavors of their hard ice cream and many other desserts too! They also have really tasty doughnuts and crepes as well.

3. Anthony’s Fish Market

The food at this place is delicious. They have the best salmon and halibut I’ve ever had and the best bread in Seattle! This place has great food and great prices as well. I’d recommend stopping here for lunch!

4. Mike’s Pastry

If you want some really good apple pie, this is your place! The apple pie is to die for, as well as the honey cake, pound cake, and coconut heliotrope ice cream. It’s all delicious, but their apple pie is the best!

5. The Pink Door

This is the place to go if you want some good Italian food. They have really good pasta and sandwiches. Their baked ziti and chicken marsala are really tasty. It’s a great place for American food in Seattle!

6. Fremont Troll

This sculpture garden is something special. You go through a tunnel under the street and see this huge troll under the bridge. They have good food and fun items too!

7. Pike Place Market

This place is a must-see while you’re in Seattle. It has lots of seafood, pastries, clothes, and more. You’ll also find great deals on certain items in the market. It’s a must-see for any tourist!

8. American Food Seattle

This blog post is about how this American girl found so many new food options while in Seattle. She found the best burgers and apple pie to check out the most famous food places in Seattle by going off of Yelp reviews.

This blog post was about her experience finding all these foodies while visiting Seattle. You can find awesome food in Seattle, too!

9. American Honey

This American Food Seattle blog post is also about her experience looking at the most popular food places and seeing how they are.

She went to see what the most popular American foods were in this city because she had seen a list of them on Yelp, so she took it upon herself to discover what those foods were in this beautiful city. She found some great food places and some that weren’t so great. This blog post was about her experience finding the best American foods in Seattle!

10. Magnolia Bakery

This is one of the most popular places to get cupcakes in Seattle. You can find amazing cupcakes here and other great pastries and desserts too!

You can get wedding cakes or birthday cakes here if you need one, too! They have a good variety, and I recommend stopping here for some amazing desserts.

11. Piroshky

This is the place to go if you want some good Russian food. You could choose from various pastries, dumplings, and other great items. I had hot tea and a cheese blintz, and it was delicious!

12. Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

This is the place to go for some ice cream in Seattle. They have lots of great flavors and lots of other yummy desserts too! You can even make your ice cream sandwich if you want to! This is a cool place to check out.

12. American Food Seattle

This blog post is all about some places she found on Yelp that featured the best food spots in Seattle. She had done a little research and discovered that some areas were highly rated on Yelp, so she decided to check them out while visiting the city.

This blog post was about her experience trying out different foods she hadn’t tried before. She found some cool places to eat, too!

14. Fremont Troll Sculpture Garden

This place is a must-see while visiting Seattle. It’s a sculpture garden, and it was really fun to go under the bridge and see the troll statue down there!

It’s really neat, and there are many other little things nearby that are fun to check out. I’d recommend checking this place out while you’re in Seattle!

15. Crumpets

If you want some dessert and don’t know where to go, head to Crumpets. They have amazing French-inspired desserts that are crunchy and delicious.

These desserts are unique, so I’d recommend stopping here for some great sweets if you’re ever in Seattle. The American Food Seattle blog post is about her experience finding the best American food in town.


Seattle is a great place to visit, and its food stands out as one of the best in the country. The food there is always fresh and delicious, and it is a sight to see!

This blog post showcases all sorts of amazing food places you should check out while in Seattle. I hope you enjoyed this one! Stay tuned for another blog post soon.