Camel Hump Chinese Food: Easy 6 Serving Ideas

Camel Hump Chinese Food is a Chinese restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago that people fly to try out. It’s known for its originality and lack of pretension. All dishes are made with unusual ingredients and have a fun atmosphere with characterful food.

The entrance is decorated like an old-fashioned Chinese opera house, with neon lights that stay on all night and actors who sing.

What is Camel Hump Chinese Food?

What is Camel Hump Chinese Food? It’s a unique restaurant serving interesting and complex food from unusual ingredients.

The restaurant’s signature dish is the Szechuan Chicken. It’s marinated in spicy sauce and then cooked in a wok to create crunchy bits throughout the chicken, which is served with a thick and spicy (yet still sweet) chili sauce.

History of Camel Hump Chinese Food

The history of Camel Hump Chinese Food, or the company that owns it, goes back to 1924. The founder, Chen’s grandfather, arrived in San Francisco from China and began working at a general store.  

He saved up enough money to open his grocery store. Chen’s father helped out in the store and learned to cook from his father-in-law, an expert chef in China.

How to make Camel Hump Chinese Food


  • 1 pack of soy sauce
  • A half-pound of pork
  • 1 small egg white
  • 1/2 cup sweet rice wine (optional)


Step 1: Chop pork into bite-sized pieces. Place the pork in a small bowl and pour soy sauce on top.

Step 2: Add salt according to your taste preferences, mix well, and let the ingredients sit for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Heat the wok with some cooking oil. Once the oil is hot, add egg white and break it into small pieces as you stir them around.

Step 4: Add the pork and stir.

Step 5: Add soy sauce and stir rapidly.

Step 6: Add rice wine. Stir until the pork is completely cooked through.

Step 7: Add sugar, stir, and serve hot with a side of rice.

Health Benefits of Camel Hump Chinese Food

The healthy benefits of Camel Hump Chinese Food are primarily attributed to the fact that the food is made with whole ingredients, and they don’t add any artificial sugars or preservatives.

Camel Hump Chinese Food
Camel Hump Chinese Food

Camel Hump Chinese Food is a great way to build your health through balanced and natural eating. It has a very low-fat content and contains high levels of vitamins and protein.

It is also gluten-free, which means it will fit well in almost every diet choice, whether it be vegan or vegetarian.

Easy 6 Serving Ideas for Camel Hump Chinese Food

1. Szechuan Chicken

Please take out the marinade, a mix of soy sauce and spices, and combine it with some oil. Then take some sliced chicken breast, marinate in the mixture, and fry in a pan until it’s cooked.

2. Coconut Cauliflower

Boil the cauliflower until soft, drizzle with oil and add salt to taste. In a separate pan, heat the coconut milk and combine with fried shallots. Mix thoroughly, then plate the cauliflower on top of it.

3. Lamb with Garlic Sauce

Boil the lamb, slice it thinly, and add it to the pan. Add garlic and soy sauce to the mix, mix well, and cook until tender.

4. Braised Eggplant with Black Beans

Slice up some eggplant, add salt, and drizzle with oil. Cook in a pan until done, and serve with black beans on top of white rice.

5. Steamed Salmon

Boil the Salmon and plate. Drizzle with salt and add a garlic paste to taste, along with some soy sauce. Plate with cooked rice and greens for garnish.

6. Dirty Rice

Dirty rice is a simple dish that combines rice with the meat from the marinated pork pieces. Take some chicken breast, chop it into small pieces, mix it in with white rice, then serve with a side of chopped lettuce, sliced green onions, and soy sauce.

What does camel hump taste like?

Camel Hump Chinese Food
Camel Hump Chinese Food

The taste is a little strange, but it’s not too overboard. The camel hump chicken dish offers a satisfying combination of sweet and spicy. However, it’s the texture that is most talked about.

What to Eat at Camel Hump Chinese Food?

The restaurant serves up some unusual dishes alongside common items like fried rice and teriyaki meatballs.

What You Need to Know About Camel Hump Chinese Food

The restaurant has an interesting atmosphere, with an old-fashioned Chinese theater decor. It’s colorful, and the food is pretty good, but some people say it’s over-priced for what it offers. The food is served in small portions that are easy to finish in a short time.

Camel hump Chinese food Rush Hour

The most popular dish served at Camel Hump Chinese food is the Szechuan Chicken, served with fried rice and broccoli. Customers are also fond of the Fried Shrimp, served with rice and a mix of veggies, including bok choy.

Camel Hump Chinese Food Reviews

Camel Hump Chinese Food is a popular place to eat. It’s filled with people of all ages, and you’ll find them happily chowing down on their spicy foods. The atmosphere is fun, too, with people dressing up in traditional Asian clothes and using chopsticks to eat the food. It’s sure to keep you interested!

What People Say About Camel Hump Chinese Food

The reviews for this restaurant are not out of this world, but they are still positive. People seem to like their food, but they say that it’s very bland and that it’s over-priced. Overall the food is good, but it’s a novelty place to eat out.

Camel Hump Chinese Food Bonus Tips

If you’re looking for something, a little spicy, Camel Hump has plenty to choose from. All you have to do is ask for whatever spices are available, and your chef will be happy to add them if he thinks they’ll work with your dish.


The history and recipes of Camel Hump Chinese Food are pretty interesting. It’s a great place to try something new, and you’ll never know what you’ll find on the menu.

It’s also healthy and affordable, but it is a little bland. If you’re in the mood for something bland, this place is for you!  If not, then I’d check out other Chinese food restaurants instead.


Are camels hump real Chinese food?

Camel hump is part of ancient Chinese cuisine. However, it is not a widely-known food in China today. It’s also not commonly cooked and served in restaurants. Camels are used to carry goods; this is how they earn their name: “hump” means carrying. The Chinese use camels to carry goods because they are faster than any other animal with the same body size worldwide.

What do camel humps taste like?

It depends on the quality of the hump. They can be very different from one to another. Some are sweet and delicious; others are tender, crunchy, and bland. It’s a little strange but not too overboard. The camel hump is usually eaten by itself without any other food except for sauces, so you have to decide whether you’re up to it.

Why do people eat camel humps?

They eat them for their nutritional values: they contain a lot of protein and vitamins and are very high in iron and zinc.

Can you eat camel humps raw?

You can eat camel humps raw or boiled, but it’s not an amazing taste. It can be delicious, but you should try it with some other flavoring on the side, such as soy sauce or chili oil.

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