Hello Kitty Drink: Best 5 Variations

Hello, Kitty Drink was created by a Japanese company, Sanrio. It is a sweet mixture of cocoa powder and milk that comes in the shape of Kitty’s head.

The drink is white with pink swirls and small eyeballs representing Hello Kitty’s cat-like eyes. Even though it doesn’t have much nutritional value, people who love Hello Kitty have been drinking this beverage for years.

Hello, Kitty Drink was widely popular in Japan but was not distributed outside of the country until now due to high production costs.

What is Hello Kitty Drink?

Hello, Kitty Drink is a sweet drink with a creamy consistency. It’s white with pink swirls and small eyeballs on the outside of the bottle to represent Hello Kitty’s cat-like eyes. After pouring it into a glass, you will notice its pleasant sweet taste.

History of Hello Kitty Drink

Hello, Kitty Drink was created by Sanrio Co., Ltd., a major Japanese company best known for creating Hello Kitty in 1974. Sanrio is also called “The Brand of Happiness” because they make people happy with their products.

Hello, Kitty merchandise is everywhere, from stickers and clothes to key chains and even food products.

It became popular worldwide in the 1980s when its popularity exploded in Asia and Europe. In Japan, there are 3 different types of this drink: Original, Chocolate, and Strawberry flavors.

How to make Hello Kitty Drink


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2-3 spoonsful of cocoa powder
  • 2-3 spoonsful of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Step 1: Add all the ingredients into a bowl until they are blended well together.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into a glass.

Step 3: Drink it right away before it gets cold.

Nutrition facts of Hello Kitty Drink

One serving of this drink contains the following:

  • Calories: 380 kcal
  • Protein: 6 g
  • Carbohydrates: 50 g
  • Sugars/glucose: 48 g
  • Sodium (Salt): 480 mg  
  • (24%DV)

Health Benefits of Hello Kitty Drink

Hello, Kitty Drink is a good source of calcium and protein, so drinking this might make your bones stronger. It is low in calories, with only 110 calories per serving.

Hello Kitty Drink
Hello Kitty Drink

This would be great for people trying to lose weight because the creamy consistency is a great substitute for unhealthy desserts like ice cream or chocolate cake.

The drink is also made from milk and cocoa powder, so it’s a good source of calcium, which is essential for people of all ages.

Best 5 Variations for Hello Kitty Drink

1. Fruity Drink

In place of the sugar and vanilla extract, use apple juice instead. This will make the drink fruitier and more nutritious.

2. Chocolate Drink

In place of the sugar and vanilla extract, use chocolate syrup instead. It will give your drink a fudgy flavor!

If you prefer a sweeter version, add more sugar or sugar substitute (e.g., Splenda). Mix it in a blender before pouring it into a glass, so it doesn’t get too clumpy.

3. Green Drink

You can substitute the sugar and vanilla extract with ginger, lime, or other fruit juice. You can also add mint, soda ash, orange juice, or other ingredients to flavor the drink differently.

4. Strawberry Drink

Substitute the sugar for strawberry syrup and vanilla extract for strawberry extract. Mix in some ice cubes before serving it in a glass. If you want your drink to be sweeter, add more syrup or replacement (e.g., Splenda).

5. Café au lait Drink

Hello Kitty Drink
Hello Kitty Drink

In place of the milk, substitute it with café au lait. You can add your preferred sweetener, but it’s optional. Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy it!

Hello, Kitty Fizzy drink?

Hello, Kitty Fizzy drink was created in Japan. It is now being marketed in the United States through Hello Kitty’s popularity. The drink contains many sugars, which are not healthy for children to consume.

Hello Kitty drink can

Hello, Kitty drink can be found in Hello Kitty Fizzy Drink at Wal-Mart. These drink mixes are available in many flavors, including strawberry, grape, pink lemonade, orange, melon, and more.


Hello, Kitty Drink is a popular sweet beverage in Japan. If you are looking for a new drink to try, I suggest you give it a shot! What flavor of Hello Kitty Drink would you want to try?

Hello, Kitty Drink is the topic today, and I’m going to introduce some of the benefits you can get from drinking this. First, it’s a very sweet drink with small eyeballs on the outside of the bottle.


How do you make a Hello Kitty shot?

You can make a Hello Kitty shot by pouring one scoop of the drink into a shot glass. Then, you can put some colorful fruit bouncers in the drink with a straw. Then, you can put the straw in your mouth and suck on it until you enjoy its taste.

What does Hello Kitty sake taste like?

Hello, Kitty sake tastes like a wine beverage that is sweet and fruity. The taste is a bit like strawberries. It’s made from rice and fermented with yeast, just like regular alcohol.

How many calories are in the Hello Kitty drink?

The calories in Hello Kitty drink depend on what flavor you are drinking. The regular flavor contains about 110 total calories. The chocolate flavor has approximately 200 total calories.

What is Hello Kitty’s favorite food?

Hello, Kitty’s favorite food is strawberries. She loves them so much that if you give her a big bowl of strawberries, she will be really happy and thank you a lot.

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