Princess Chicken Chinese Food: Top 10 Princess Chicken Chinese Food

Princess Chicken Chinese Food is a Chinese takeout restaurant specializing in handcrafted dishes with quality ingredients.

For over two decades, our dishes have been made-to-order by chefs who are passionate about authentic culinary traditions,

providing our guests with the experience of eating at their favorite traditional Chinese restaurants without having to leave home.

What Is  Princess Chicken Chinese Food?

Princess Chicken Chinese Food is a family-owned and operated restaurant in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, CA.

Our menu offers a variety of authentic Chinese dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. With over two decades of experience working for a major restaurant company, our team’s knowledge and passion extend beyond the kitchen to include customer service and marketing.

We pride ourselves on producing quality dishes with the best ingredients while maintaining an authentic atmosphere that sets us apart from other Chinese takeout restaurants in Hollywood.

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How to prepare Princess Chicken Chinese Food

I am writing this article because I owe it to the world to explain how to cook Princess Chicken properly. It can quickly turn into a bland dish if you’re not careful.

Cooking is all about combining flavors and textures—it’s not just dumping some peas on top of noodles.


The ingredients are simple:

  • Chicken
  • Garlic and Ginger
  • the more you use of these
  • the better.
  • Sesame Oil
  • Soy Sauce—again, the more you use, the better.

If you want to be even more adventurous, get some Shao Xing rice wine and add it in as well (you can find this stuff in any Chinese grocery store).


It’s a pretty straightforward dish! The step I don’t think I emphasized enough is the last one, where you grate ginger over it. It adds a nice kick to the overall flavor. And don’t skimp on the sesame seeds either; they’re what makes this recipe what it is.

Lately, I’ve been kind of in love with carrots. I think it’s because they’re just so sweet, and I feel like carrots have suffered a massive loss in popularity over the past few years. However, they’re never used to the extent they should be. I don’t know what makes them so good, but every time I see carrots or go to the grocery store, I buy them by the sack.

Top 10 Princess Chicken Chinese Food

1. There’s a place in my area that serves their Princess Chicken Chinese food on these little round crackers. It’s all adorable, but I don’t care for the cracker itself so much.

I like the dish because it’s on a biscuit, giving it more of an egg roll vibe. The proportions of meat to vegetables are perfect.

There’s just enough savory around the edges to balance out the sweet filling, and it comes out perfectly balanced and crispy.

2. My sister’s friend once made this Princess Chicken Chinese Food at our house. (Actually, it was my sister’s friend who taught me how to do it.) We have a cookbook with hundreds of recipes, and the recipe book is filled with these bits of pictorials—it’s like a mini-cookbook within a cookbook.

She has one for cooking everything—meat, vegetables, noodles, sauces. But this one was all about the vegetables. I don’t really like cooking vegetables too much, but it was SO GOOD.

The recipe book had pictures of the actual food, and I could recognize each vegetable and knew precisely what it was as soon as I saw it, instead of just saying, “huh…I guess that’s a carrot.”

3. Princess Chicken Chinese Food is always great because it’s only one part of a more extensive spread. If you will, it’s the carb without a carb in the carb pile-up. For example, when we make it at our house, we eat it with fried rice.

Our fried rice always has carrots and peas in it. Sometimes I make my version of the fried rice by sauteing up some chopped onion, garlic, and ginger in some sesame oil with red pepper flakes for a little added flavor.

4. I like this recipe because the chicken is tender and the vegetables are so fresh tasting. You can use whatever you think works best in your cooking.

I always tend to use the same vegetables because I like how they taste. I wouldn’t say I like Brussel sprouts, so I substitute them for asparagus and broccoli.

5. The first time my sister made this at our house, we ate it for dinner and then the leftovers for lunch the next day.

It tasted better on day two—I guess all that soy sauce was marinating it or something, and it just got more flavourful as time went by. Either way, it was delicious.

6. I wouldn’t say I like it when people make their Princess Chicken Chinese Food with tuna. To me, it just doesn’t go with the spices, and sometimes it’s tough to tell that it’s tuna.

I’m either distracted or not into fish, but I always get these mixed up.

7. My dad makes the best tasting Princess Chicken Chinese Food I’ve ever had in my life. It’s always the same carrot recipe, which I am really into, but my sister always adds some peas!

8. I can’t remember who this was cooked by, but I made it for a dinner party last year, and it was delicious. It wasn’t spicy at all—it had quite a mild taste overall.

The way the vegetables were chopped up, it looked like it had been pre-cut in advance and then just thrown together quickly before serving. But it was perfect!

9. My grandma would make this chicken dish sometimes when I was growing up, and we always ate it with cauliflower. It’s a bland vegetable, so I’ve stopped eating it for the most part, but maybe that’s just me.

10. My mom used to make this Princess Chicken Chinese Food when I was a kid. It was straightforward and delicious, but the flavors of the different vegetables blended and made it hard to distinguish each one.

I would sometimes see a chunk of carrot or a slice of pepper and think, “that’s not supposed to be in there.”


It’s a straightforward recipe that everyone can enjoy. The way you serve it is also significant too. For example, I like it with rice more than anything else,

but you’re not going to eat it without some starch by your side. You can find the original recipe for their Princess Chicken Chinese Food at http://cateryourwedding.

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