Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food: Top 10 Resep Kwetiau Chinese Food

Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food is a dish derived from Chinese-Indonesian fusion cuisine. The dish’s origins are disputed, as some say it was created by Indonesian immigrants in Malaysia or Singapore, where they were introduced to Chinese fried rice dishes.

Others argue that Kwetiau (the traditional breakfast for Indonesians) and fried rice dishes also originated from China, and therefore they share the exact origins. There’s no arguing about how tasty this dish can be, though.

What is the Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food?

Kwetiau is a popular dish commonly eaten for breakfast in Indonesia; it is made of rice that has been cooked in coconut milk and then steamed. Surrounding the rice are toppings such as fried fish, boiled eggs, and other ingredients.

Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food
Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food

Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food creates Chinese-Indonesian fusion cuisine, which was developed when the Malaysian and Singaporean influences were mixed with traditional Indonesian food.

Top 10 recipes Kwetiau Siram

1. Resep Kwetiau Soto

Soto is an Indonesian soup of broth, noodles, and meat or vegetables. For making this variety of Soto soup will be taken by a chicken that has been sliced into thin strips. It was then cooked with noodles and carrots.

The next step is to pour it into the bowl, sprinkle a little bit of cheese grated on top, and chopped green onions. This unique combination will give new flavors so thick, rich, and tasty.

2. Resep Kwetiau Penyet Kari

Penyet is a traditional Indonesian dish, and the term “penyet” is derived from the Malay language. Penyet refers to a fish fillet that has been deep-fried in a medium of rice flour and eggs.

In this recipe, the pennies are coated with flour dough that has been browned in oil before being stir-fried with some spices.

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3. Resep Kwetiau Bakso

Bakso is a bowl made from a mixture of beef and chicken minced meat mixed with spices such as green onions, ginger, and coriander leaves to make it taste more delicious.

4. Resep Kwetiau Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet (Indonesian fried chicken) is one of the traditional foods in Indonesia that has been popular for many years.

The ingredients used in making this Indonesian dish are chicken, eggs, soy sauce, salt, and sugar, and then mixed with flour to make the batter.

When making this dish, the main objective is to make sure that the meat is fried to a golden brown which will be cooked enough without being dry.

5. Resep Kwetiau Ayam Goreng

Ayam Goreng is a dish commonly found in Indonesia where most of them have already been made from chicken meat, egg, and flour. The main ingredients of this dish are pounded chicken meat.

6. Resep Kwetiau Goreng Kering

Goreng Kersting is one Indonesian fried chicken that uses processed cheese, such as instant coffee, salt, sugar, and flour.

The primary purpose of making this dish is to ensure that the sauce will not be too thick and fried in a pan using hot oil.

7. Resep Kwetiau Sup Agar Asin

Sup is a type of Indonesian cuisine commonly eaten as a breakfast, usually served with rice and soup.

The meat is pounded in the form of sate, and then the mixture will be fried and served with noodles and vegetables in the spicy broth.

8. Resep Kwetiau Ayam Bakar

Ayam Bakar, one of the Indonesian food that has been derived from Chinese-Indonesian cuisine. This dish uses chicken as the main ingredient, and it is filled with spices such as ginger and green onions.

9. Resep Kwetiau Kelapa

Kwetiau Kelapa uses coconut milk and banana leaves to cook the rice; it is then made into a bowl by mixing with mushrooms, red onions, green onions, and shrimp paste.

This dish is then topped with fried fish, hard-boiled egg, and Ikan Bilis (anchovies).

10. Resep Kwetiau Plecing

Placing is a widespread Indonesian food made of chicken meat in minced meat or diced chicken meat, eggs, flour, and spices such as kaffir lime leaves, garlic, ginger, and onion.


Having read the article about Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food, it is hoped that the reader already knows more about this dish.

Resep Kwetiau Siram Chinese Food is very beneficial because it is made from natural ingredients.

In addition, when eating dishes such as this, the taste will be vibrant and delicious to feel satisfied.

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