Soft Chinese Food For Elderly: 10 Delicious And Hearty Recipes

Soft Chinese food for Elderly has been a topic of discussion among doctors and nutritionists. It is believed that the elderly should be eating softer foods to avoid any possible choking hazards.

The softness, or lack thereof, of one’s food, can have an impact on their quality of life as they age. Therefore it is essential to know what dishes are considered “soft” in China because the cuisine varies from region to region.

For instance, Cantonese cuisine typically consists of much softer foods than Sichuanese cuisine, usually containing more spices and sauces like chili oils that can make them harder to eat if you’re not used to it.

Furthermore, some regions might even use meatballs or fish balls instead of tofu, which is considered a staple ingredient in soft dishes.

How to prepare Soft Chinese Food For Elderly

There isn’t one definitive answer to this question since different families might prepare soft Chinese food for elderly members.

However, the dish will be boiled or stewed slowly to be quickly eaten and digested in most cases. Additionally, some seasonings or sauces might make the food more palatable.


  • Tofu
  • Egg
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Dried shiitake mushroom
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • White pepper


1. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in water for 30 minutes. Then squeeze out the excess water and slice them thinly.

2. Cut the tofu into small cubes and shred the Chinese cabbage by hand. Chop the carrot into small cubes as well.

3. In a cooking pot, add some salt and sugar to taste and water and sliced shiitake mushrooms, then bring it to a boil under high heat. Then add in the rest of the ingredients slowly.

4. Add in some white pepper to taste according to your preference and bring it to a boil again before lowering the heat and simmering for half an hour.

5. Serve in small dishes with rice or just by itself along with some light soy sauce if desired.

Nutrition Facts of Soft Chinese Food For Elderly

One serving of this dish contains about:

protein7 grams
carbohydrates5 grams
dietary fiber2 grams
sugar1 gram
fat3 grams
sodium174 milligrams

This dish is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, and Vitamin C. It is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

You can store any leftovers in the fridge for a few days or freeze them for later use.

The Benefits of Soft Chinese Food For Elderly

1. It is easier to digest and absorb

2. It makes the elderly feel full faster and reduces their risk of overeating, leading to malnutrition if they don’t get the proper nutrition they need.

3. Can be eaten with rice or by itself as a snack or light meal

4. If prepared correctly (by boiling), it will retain most of its nutritional value and taste suitable for consumption

5. Provides many vital nutrients like Vitamin C, fiber, protein, etc., that the body needs daily

6. If accompanied by rice, it can provide all essential amino acids that are needed for a healthy living if consumed in moderate amounts regularly over time

7. The elderly should eat regularly throughout the day because not eating for a long duration of time can result in malnutrition as well as adverse health effects that will make them feel worse as they age

8. Contains fiber which helps with digestion and is essential if the elderly wish to stay regular

9. Although this dish is not considered spicy, it can be prepared with different seasonings or even chili oil to provide taste variations that the elderly might find more palatable.

10. This dish can also provide necessary nutrients to elderly members who are not eating properly due to a lack of teeth or appetite problems.

Softer dishes like this will make it easier for the elderly to eat and digest their food while still receiving all of the benefits of a proper meal.

Make this dish and bring it to an elderly member of your family to see for yourself how much they enjoy the taste and benefits.

Plus, you can even get their children involved in helping prepare this dish to learn how to care for them later in life too correctly!

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10 Delicious and Hearty Recipes for the Elderly

Chinese food for the elderly has long been hearsay. It is said to be “soft” and not too hard on the digestive system to cause indigestion or stomach discomfort.

The misconception about Chinese food made many people think that it’s just too difficult to prepare, making them believe it may put their loved one’s health in jeopardy.

Nothing can be further than the truth! Delicious and healthy Chinese food is easy to prepare and very palate-pleasing for everyone, including the elderly.

Here are 10 recipes that will make your loved ones feel happy and satisfied – without any stomach upset afterward!

1) Stir-Fried Pork, Mushrooms and Carrots

This is an all-time favorite that the elderly will surely love! It’s simple to prepare yet very nutritious. You can even include other vegetables if you want –make sure it won’t take too long to cook not overcook them. This recipe serves about 4 people.

2) Steamed Pork Dumplings with Fish Maw

These steamed dumplings are so easy to prepare yet so delicious! Including fish maw in this dish gives it a little twist and turns it into a flavorful delight.

This recipe serves about 8 people. You can also add pre-soaked black mushrooms, dried scallop strips, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, or any other vegetables you want to enhance the flavor even more.

3) Salted Vegetable and Preserved Meat Congee

What’s excellent about Chinese food for the elderly is that they come in different congees – from plain vegetable congee to chicken or pork-based ones.

Dishes served in Chinese restaurants today often come in congee varieties! For breakfast or dinner, you can do this deliciously simple dish whenever you want to. This recipe serves about 6 people.

4) Steamed Fish with Minced Pork and Salted Black Beans

This is a healthy dish that you can make ahead of time and keep in the fridge for a couple of days before serving. It’s delicious enough for adults, but kids will love it too!

If desired, add carrots and scallions to the mixture. Serve another day by pan-frying or steaming it instead of cooking. This recipe serves about 4 people.

5) Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Mushrooms

It’s always better to eat vegetables in every meal, right? This dish is simple to prepare, but it’s tasty and healthy.

The bok choy doesn’t overcook when stir-fried, retaining its flavor and goodness! Serve this dish with steamed rice to complete the meal. This recipe serves about 6 people.

6) Braised Tofu with Mushrooms

Tofu dishes are great for the elderly because they are easy to digest yet packed with nutrient goodness.

With shiitake mushrooms included, you get an even healthier dish that tastes delightful! It goes well on its own or is served together with white rice or porridge at any time of the day. This recipe serves about 2-4 people.

7) Stir-Fried Garlic Green Beans

Another healthy and easy-to-prepare dish, the green garlic beans, is a great sidekick for a sumptuous Chinese meal. You can also add in other vegetables if desired. This recipe serves about 4 people.

8) Sweet and Sour Pork

A favorite dish that the elderly will surely love! It’s sweet, sour, and flavorful. The pork is tender and juicy, while the sauce coats every piece perfectly. Serve with steamed rice for a complete meal. This recipe serves about 4 people.

9) Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

This dish is tasty and looks elegant when served on a plate. The chicken is cooked to perfection, absorbing all the flavors from the black bean sauce. You can also add vegetables to the dish if you want. This recipe serves about 4 people.

10) Kung Pao Chicken

This is a spicy and popular dish that is loved by many. The chicken is cooked with peanuts, making it even more flavorful and crunchy. It’s best eaten with steamed rice. This recipe serves about 4 people.


Soft Chinese food may be the answer for your elderly loved one suffering from dysphagia. If you want to provide a smooth yet delicious meal for someone with this condition, consider adding soy sauce or other flavor enhancers.

We hope our blog post has helped you learn more about making eating easier on those who have trouble swallowing!

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