The 11 Healthiest Wendy’s Salads Healthy

The 11 Healthiest Wendy’s Salads Healthy is a blog post about some of the healthiest salads from Wendy’s.

They all have under 500 calories and under 650 milligrams of sodium, which is great for those on a diet or watching their blood pressure.

This article includes pictures and details about each salad as well as how to order them if you’re not in one of these stores.

The 11 Healthiest Wendy’s Salads Healthy

1) Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

This salad offers a nice balance between protein and carbs and also contains plenty of fiber. It also includes apple slices, grapes, bleu cheese crumbles, pecans and feta cheese – all high-quality sources of nutrients! The dressing is light so as not to overload on calories or fat.

2) Grilled Chicken Tender Caesar Salad

This salad is a great option for those who want to skip the bread bun and opt for a salad. You might think salads are lacking in protein, but this one includes grilled chicken tenders as well as romaine lettuce, red cabbage and Parmesan cheese. If you dress it with their low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing it’s also a good source of antioxidants and vitamin A.

3) Baja Salad

This salad is another great option for those looking to skip the bread roll and get protein from other sources. It has southwest-style grilled all white-meat chicken breast, lettuce mix, grape tomatoes, red onions, corn tortilla strips and crispy tortilla bowl pieces with cheddar cheese and creamy pepper jack sauce. All that spicy flavor comes in at around 400 calories unless you add dressing (you should add dressing because it will bring this salad up to about 500 calories).

4) Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This may be a simple sandwich on its own, but when paired with their light Asian chili vinaigrette dipping sauce makes for a perfect health choice!

5) Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is another delicious option that can be made healthier with the dipping sauce listed above.

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6) Southwest Chargrilled Chicken Go Wrap

If you’re looking for something to take on-the-go, this wrap is a great choice. It includes grilled all white meat chicken, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and southwest ranch sauce wrapped in an oat flour tortilla.

7) Side Salad or Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

The entire salad has about 100 calories and no fat (or very little). Pair it with one of Wendy’s low fat dressing options (such as balsamic vinaigrette, lite Asian chili vinaigrette, or lite sesame ginger) for a healthy and filling meal.

8) Apple Pecan Chicken

This sandwich is low in fat and high in protein making it great for weight control and management. This also makes it a good choice for those who want to achieve or maintain a lean body mass.

9) Side Caesar Salad

Another healthy side dish that comes with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons, grape tomatoes and roasted garlic dressing.

10) Side Garden Salad

Another simple way to get more leafy greens into your diet. It includes iceberg lettuce mix, red cabbage, grape tomatoes and lite Italian dressing (just hold the croutons).

11) Asian Cashew Chicken Salad

This salad features crispy all white meat chicken, iceberg lettuce mix, red cabbage, asian cashews and asian sesame dressing. It is a good source of protein and fiber from the cashews and includes omega-3 fatty acids from the asian dressing.


The 11 Healthiest Wendy’s Salads Healthy, Nutritious and Under 500 Calories. Read on to learn more about the salads that are healthy for you!

This article will tell you everything from what ingredients to avoid in fast food restaurants, to which salad is best for weight loss. It also lists the top ten healthiest salads at other popular restaurant chains, so you can find a healthier option even if your favorite burger joint isn’t listed here.

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