What Chinese Food Can I Eat With Gout: Amazing 10 Chinese Food That Won’t Hurt My Arthritis

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What Chinese Food Can I Eat With Gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by the buildup of uric acid in your body. Excess uric acid can form sharp needle-like crystals that cause discomfort and swelling in joints such as the big toe.

It typically occurs when there is not enough water or specific vitamins in your diet or when you drink too much alcohol.

Treatment typically includes drinking more fluids and reducing dietary sources of purines, such as animal proteins and mayonnaise.

When to Eat Chinese Food With Gout

If you need to eat with gout, Chinese food is an excellent option Takeaway foods are often the safest choice for people with gout because the high fats, salt, and sauces used in takeaways make them higher in purines than homemade meals.

However, if you are concerned about your intake of purines, certain types of takeaways can be eaten without putting your gout at risk.

Chinese takeaways that do not use eggs, pork, or gluten-containing products are the safest to eat with gout. Also, consider ordering vegetarian dishes if you are a pescatarian.

Chinese Food With No Purines

Another helpful tip is to avoid non-vegetarian and seafood dishes. This is because all animal protein contains purines, which can lead to an increase in uric acid levels in the body, thereby causing gout.

Therefore, it is essential to consider which types of Chinese food can be eaten with gout. The meat used in Chinese food includes beef, mutton, and chicken parts. Seafood includes fish such as cod, prawns, and salmon. If you are a vegetarian, look for dishes that contain beans and vegetables.

How to Order Chinese Food With Gout

Many of the great Chinese dishes have been in existence for a very long time and have not been significantly altered since they were first created. Because of this, many traditional Chinese words can be eaten with gout.

If you want to order Chinese food when you have gout, it is essential to consider which foods can be eaten with gout. Here are some things to consider when ordering Chinese food

Be sure to have bread at the beginning of your meal, as it is a great place to soak up the sauce and broth of the meal.

The bread used in Chinese food includes noodles, rice cakes, and buns. Frying gives the dish its color and helps prevent the individual food items from sticking together. Remember that you want to try and stay away from fried foods since they can be high in purines.

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Chinese Takeaways

If you cannot eat Chinese food with gout, you can still enjoy the delicious dishes that have been a staple of Chinese culture for years.

These include steamed buns, rice cakes (peng), spring rolls, and wontons. These types of food can be eaten with gout because they contain no meat or a significant amount of sauce.

However, make sure to read our ingredients before ordering so that you do not accidentally eat foods that are high in purines.

Another option is to visit a Chinese food takeaway in your area. This is a good choice if you can only eat small amounts of protein because they typically use less meat in their dishes.

Wonton soup, fried rice, and egg foo young are some of the best choices when ordering Chinese food with gout.

How Much Can I Eat With Gout?

It is essential to know how much you can eat with gout. Here are some general guidelines to consider when ordering from a Chinese food takeaway.

Before you order, check the ingredients on the menu to see if it contains any fish or seafood. If it does, you should not order this dish since it contains purines.

If you want to order Chinese food with gout but are unsure about any brands that may contain purines, stick with steamed buns and rice cakes.

How Can I Choose Chinese Food That Won’t Hurt My Arthritis?

If you are looking for Chinese food that is low in purines, you should consider these options:

1. Pork:

If you take the pork out of your diet, you will cut down on your intake of purines. Also, avoid bacon and ham since they contain high levels of purine.

2. Vegetarian Dishes:

If you are a vegetarian, you should stick with many of the vegetarian options available in Chinese cuisine. These include noodles, rice cakes, dumplings, and egg rolls.

3. Seafood:

There are many seafood items that you can order at Chinese takeaways to avoid these types of foods in your diet. They include fish (such as cod, prawns, and salmon) and shellfish (scallops).

4. Dim Sum:

This is a favorite item in most Chinese restaurants and is ideal for someone who wants to eat with gout because it does not contain many purines.

5. Noodles:

When buying Chinese food that is low in purines, you can also order your noodles without egg or animal protein in them. This will eliminate excess purines from your diet.

6. Snow Pea Shoots:

These are an excellent choice for gout since they contain very little animal protein and can be eaten with gout if prepared according to the recipe.

7. Beans/Vegetables:

Beans and vegetables are a low-purine protein prepared for you at a Chinese restaurant. They may include dumplings, rice cakes, and bean sprouts.

8. Sun-Dried Radishes:

Sun-dried radishes are served in many Chinese dishes and can be eaten with gout due to their low purine content.

9. Cantonese Noodles:

These are the most popular noodles in China and do not contain animal protein. They can be eaten with gout, especially when cooked according to the recipe.

10. Ginger or Chilli Padi:

Ginger or chili padi is an herb used in many Chinese cooking recipes and can be consumed by those who have gout without causing problems. Look for Chinese desserts containing ginger or chili padi on your menu to enjoy without gout.

How Can I Eat With Gout Without Experiencing Gout Pain?

One of the biggest challenges you may face when eating Chinese food with gout is managing the pain. Other than observing which Chinese foods are safe to eat with gout,

you can also choose different ways to reduce the pain and suffering. Here are some ways that you can reduce the gout symptoms:

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes:

When you go to a Chinese restaurant and sit down, make sure that your shoes are comfortable and do not cause any discomfort. This will help protect your feet from any damage caused by the high heat of the restaurant, which can aggravate your condition.

2. Low-Purine Food:

The types of foods that you order in a Chinese restaurant should be low in purines. You also want to avoid certain kinds of sauces on your food, such as oyster sauce.

3. Portion Control:

When eating out, you need to be cautious of how much you are consuming. Even if a restaurant does not serve large portions, it can still be too much protein for those who have gout.

4. Eat With Gout Attacks:

The best way to eat with gout is to have a meal every day instead of eating in a restaurant now and then. Most Chinese dishes contain sodium which can help heal gout and reduce pain.

5. Take Supplements:

Most people who have gout know that you can take supplements to reduce their symptoms, but there are also other ways to achieve the same results without taking supplements.

One of those ways is to eat Chinese foods that contain ginger and garlic. These foods can assist your body in healing gout and reducing the discomfort associated with it.

6. Eat Watermelon:

Watermelon is one of the best foods you can eat with gout attacks since it contains citrulline, which can also help relieve symptoms.

Having tips for eating Chinese food with gout can be beneficial if you are looking for a way to manage your condition without giving up on your favorite types of food.


Chinese food can be an excellent choice for people who have gout. As long as you are aware of the off-limits foods,

there is no reason that you cannot find delicious options when having Chinese food with gout. You will still enjoy your favorite dishes while also managing your condition.

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