OMG 11 of the Best Dressing For Cobb Salad Reddit!

This article is about the best dressing for cobb salad Reddit. I’ll be answering this question with 11 of the best dressing for cobb salads on Reddit!  

I will also provide a link to each one at the bottom of this article. So without further ado, let’s get started!  

OMG 11 of the Best Dressing For Cobb Salad Reddit!


The best dressing for a Cobb salad is arugula, according to Reddit. The online community of users was asked what their favorite ingredients are in the dish and many said that arugula tastes great on this salad. One user shared the recipe they use which includes:

chopped bacon



blue cheese crumbles and more!


Avocados are a favorite for dressing up salads, and cobb salad is no exception. But the question remains: which type of dressing? Reddit user “kyle-s” attempted to answer this question in a recent post on his blog, Kyle’s Kitchenette.

The blogger described how he would dress his cobb salad by first slicing half an avocado into chunks and then adding olive oil

(1 tbsp)

balsamic vinegar (2 tbsp)

salt (1/4 tsp) and pepper (1/8 tsp).

He then mixed these ingredients until they were well combined before pouring it over the salad that had been topped with bacon bits, chicken strips, hard-boiled egg slices, and shredded lettuce.


If you’re a fan of bacon and a lover of Cobb salad, then this blog post is for you. Reddit user “Wilhelms” made an interesting discovery on the recipe website

using bacon as the dressing for your salad makes it even better than before! The crispiness and saltiness from the meat bring out all the flavors in your favorite greens. Not to mention, it’s easy to make and costs less than $1 per serving!

4.Black olives

Did you know that black olives are a delicious and healthy addition to your salad? It’s been shown that adding them will increase the fruit and vegetable content of your meal by 50%.

5.Blue cheese crumbles

You may be wondering how blue cheese crumbles can make the best dressing for cobb salad Reddit. The answer is simple,

the salty and creamy blue cheese balances out the acidic vinegar of the dressing while also adding a nice bite to it. This will make your best dressing for cobb salad Reddit more flavorful and delicious!

6.Buttermilk ranch dressing

“You can find a plethora of recipes for buttermilk ranch dressing online, but the majority call for many ingredients that are difficult to come by in most households.

My recipe may not have all the bells and whistles of other versions, but it is made with ingredients you can easily purchase at your local grocery store.”

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7.Chopped eggs

If you are looking for a dressing that will make your cobb salad, look no further. Chopped eggs are the best thing to top this dish in my opinion because it provides the perfect amount of creaminess and yolk flavor. Plus, it is much more affordable than using mayonnaise or other dressings!  


Croutons are crispy little pieces of bread that add a crunchy texture to any salad. They also make a great dressing substitute if you don’t want to use bottled dressings or oil-based dressings like ranch or blue cheese.

One user from Reddit even said, “I always eat my Cobb salads with croutons because they remind me of delicious French onion soup”.

9.Feta cheese

Feta cheese is a type of cheese that originates from Greece. It has been around for centuries and is traditionally made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk, but can also be made from cow’s milk.

Feta cheese was first created in Ancient Greece and it plays an important role in the cuisine of many countries today. In Morocco, for example, it is used to make a popular dish called couscous.

The word “feta” means “slice,” which refers to how this particular type of cheese comes packaged in small blocks that are perfect for slicing into thin pieces.

10.Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans make the perfect dressing for a garden salad. They are so good that I ate them with my Cobb Salad from Wendy’s for lunch today. It was delicious!

11.Green onions

Green onions are a staple in many dishes and can be pretty much used anywhere. They add a flavor to your dish that you wouldn’t expect.

They also make for an awesome salad dressing! This is because they have such a unique taste and aroma that doesn’t overpower the other ingredients as some dressings do.


If you’ve ever been at a loss for what to wear with your Cobb salad, never fear. We’ve compiled 11 of the best dressing options from Reddit users who shared their opinions on how they dressed up this popular dish.

From easy-to-put together combinations like jeans and turtlenecks to more formal attire that would be suitable for work or an evening out, there are plenty of ways to dress up your cobb without breaking a sweat! Share them in the comments below so we can all see if anything else should have made our list!