Chicken Soo Guy Chinese Food: Mouth-Watering Crispy Dumplings

The best Chicken Soo Guy Chinese Food is often found in the most unexpected places. For example, Chicken Soo Guy is an under-the-radar gem that offers delicious dishes at affordable prices.

Chicken Soo Guy Chinese Food
Chicken Soo Guy Chinese Food

The menu includes everything from traditional fried rice to General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao shrimp, and other favorites. It looks like this humble restaurant could be your go-to spot for takeout!

What is the Chicken Soo Guy Chinese?

Chicken Soo Guy is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves up traditional Asian cuisine.

The inspiration for Chicken Soo Guy comes from the owner’s mother, who was affectionately known as “Soo Guy” by her grandchildren.

What kind of food does Chicken Soo Guy serve?

The menu at includes Chinese food staples like General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, Beef with Broccoli, and Egg Foo Young.

It also offers Chef Specialties popular in China but can be challenging to find in certain areas across North America. These dishes include Spicy Crispy Sesame Chicken, Twice Cooked Pork, and Salt Pepper Shrimp.

What is Chicken Soo Guy’s delivery area?

Chicken Soo Guy delivers to locations within a 20-mile radius of its storefront in Kitchener, Ontario,

and some areas documented on their website. In some cases, an additional fee may be added for deliveries outside of the delivery zone.

What are the most popular dishes served by Chicken Soo Guy?

General Tso’s chicken, Kung Pao shrimp, and Spicy Crispy Sesame Chicken are all customer favorites. The Salt Pepper Shrimp is another dish that customers rave about.

What are the average prices like at Chicken Soo Guy?

The most expensive item on the menu is the Salt Pepper Shrimp, which costs $12.95. The price of an entire order of Salt Pepper Shrimp comes to less than $15. The General Tso’s chicken is just under $9, and Kung Pao shrimp rings in at $9.75.

What is Chicken Soo Guy’s delivery process like?

Orders can be placed directly through or by calling the restaurant at (519) 576-6368.

Most orders are delivered within 45 minutes of being placed, although customers should check with their local Chicken Soo Guy to determine specific delivery time thresholds.

The staff tries to accommodate reasonable early deliveries, but they do not guarantee any specific delivery time.

What is the Chicken Soo Guy location like?

The telephone number and address for Chicken Soo Guy are on their website, along with a Google Map that shows the exact location of this restaurant.

The storefront is unassuming and looks more like a typical fast food restaurant than an authentic Chinese eatery.

How is the service at Chicken Soo Guy?

Customer reviews of Chicken Soo Guy indicate that the service is quite good. Customers appreciate the friendly and efficient way staff members

conduct themselves when answering phones and taking orders. The food arrives quickly, and customers also note that it is usually hot and fresh upon delivery.

Is Chicken Soo Guy an excellent place to eat with children?

Chicken Soo Guy is a good option for family dining. The restaurant’s menu includes several child-friendly options, which can be ordered in varying portion sizes.

Dishes such as the General Tso’s chicken and beef with broccoli are popular choices among families with small children.

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What kind of seating does Chicken Soo Guy have?

Chicken Soo Guy has several tables and booths where customers can sit down to enjoy their meal.

In addition, there is a large takeout area where customers can come in to pick up orders they have already made.

How is Chicken Soo Guy for private events?

The dining room at is relatively tiny. It can accommodate no more than 40 customers at a time, so the restaurant does not allow for group reservations or private events.

However, staff members do make accommodations in some cases when it comes to large takeout food orders.

What are the hours for Chicken Soo Guy?

Chicken Soo Guy is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, except for Friday and Saturday when the restaurant is closed until midnight.

How should I dress at Chicken Soo Guy?

Chicken Soo Guy can be a casual or formal dining option, depending on how customers present themselves.

The eatery also has a takeout section where customers can order food to go. During warmer weather, some customers opt to sit outside in the restaurant’s patio area.

Does Chicken Soo Guy have a children’s menu?

Chicken Soo Guy does not have a specific kids’ menu. Still, parents can order smaller or larger portions of popular dishes depending on their children’s preferences and appetites.

The Salt Pepper Shrimp is a highly recommended dish, and it can come for one or two people.

What parking is available at Chicken Soo Guy?

There is private free parking at the back of the restaurant that can accommodate 15 cars. The restaurant’s location is not well-lit, and it can be challenging to find after dark.

Does Chicken Soo Guy have any specials?

Chicken Soo Guy offers daily discounts on its food, such as the Buy 1 Get 1 free offer for all customers on Wednesdays. Customers must purchase an entrée to qualify for this special.

What kind of ratings has Chicken Soo Guy received?

Chicken Soo Guy has excellent reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other popular restaurant review websites.

The eatery is highly regarded for its tasty food and casual atmosphere. Many customers also love the affordable prices at this establishment.

How does Chicken Soo Guy compare to other restaurants in the area?

According to customers on various online review websites, chicken Soo Guy is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in town.

Many people say that it is better than their usual go-to Chinese restaurant, and they appreciate the more authentic taste of the dishes served here.


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