Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera: Top 8 Prepare Ideas

Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera – the best fruit salad recipe in the world! You’re probably wondering what a fruit salad is,

so let me start by telling you that it is a cold or hot dish with fruits served together in syrup or other liquid.

In this case, we’ve used homemade pineapple juice and vanilla extract, but it can be made with any fruit syrup as well.

What is Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera?

It is a delicious side dish for family meals and appetizers made of fruits. This dessert’s taste, texture, and aroma remind us about the best ice-creams.

The main thing is not to cut too many pieces of fruit to make it look tasty and appealing, but do not think that making Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera will be a simple job. This dish requires some experience and attention from the cook.

How to make Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera


  • 350 grams of fresh fruit (1 pineapple,
  • 4-5 bananas,
  • 9 strawberries and 5 kiwis;
  • 3 cups of which is enough for a large bowl)
  • Pineapple juice 200 ml
  • Vanilla extract 1 tbsp
  • Candy syrup 1 tbsp


1. In the first step, you will need to clean fruits with a filter. The liquid that drips out can be saved in a bottle. Use the same amount of sugar you used to sweeten the juice to make it sweeter.

2. Next step is the preparation of fruit syrup. In this case, you will have to cook the pineapple juice necessary for Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera.

Use a large saucepan, turn it on and add pineapple juice and sugar to taste. Stir to combine ingredients thoroughly.

3. Meanwhile, put the cleaned fruits in a bowl filled with cold water and rinse them thoroughly using a filter to avoid leaving any grains of fruit on the surface of the juice.

4. Drain fruits, cut them into medium-sized pieces, and put them into a bowl.

5. Add vanilla extract and candy syrup to the fruit juice prepared earlier (1 tbsp of vanilla extract and 1 tbsp of candy syrup per 1-liter juice is enough).

Pour pineapple juice over the fruits in the bowl (you may use more pineapple juice if you want your fruit salad to be more liquid).

Cover with a lid or cling film but leave some holes so that air can get in. It will help to keep fruits fresh longer.

6. Leave the bowl of fruits in a refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours or overnight (but no longer than 12 hours) to chill and cool down.

7. Serve this fruit salad by spooning it into small bowls, adding some pineapple juice on the top, and serving chilled.

8. Serve Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera, either cold or hot, with kiwis, pineapple, or strawberries.

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Nutrition facts of Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera

Protein3.5 g
Fat17.8 g
Carbohydrates82.7 g
Fiber4.9 g
Sugar24.4 g
Sodium56 mg

The History of Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera

The history of this fruit salad recipe is quite simple. In the beginning, it was an ice cream that was invented in Britain in the early 19th century.

But it didn’t last long as a dessert because people started to prefer more fresh desserts and that’s why fruit salads became popular.

Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera has become very popular in Europe since the XVIII century, but only sweet pineapple and juicy fruits were used then.

At the same time, watermelons and peaches have been added to fruit salads.

Can I Freeze It?

Sure, you can freeze fruit salads. All you need to do is divide it into small portions and put them in bags. Then put them into the freezer for about 2-3 months. Let them thaw in the fridge and enjoy!

How to store?

After you have finished cooking and preparing fruit salad, you need to store it properly. There are several ways of keeping fruit salads. You can use the fridge or freezer, but they both have their pros and cons:

1. Fridge:

fruit salads can be stored in the fridge. But if you keep a large amount of it, you need to do it overnight because fruits will begin to release their water, and the texture and taste of a dish will change.

2. Freezer:

fruit salads can also be stored in the freezer for about 2-3 months. Make sure to divide it into portions, so you don’t have to defrost the entire dessert.

3. Fruit Salads in Jars:

If you want a fruit salad that looks fancy, you can use a jar for storing it. You will need some pretty glass jars or re-usable plastic containers,

label them and fill them with fruit salads. That’s how you can easily store any sweet dish in the fridge or freezer!

The Bottom Line

Ensalada De Frutas Con Lechera is a simple dessert, so don’t be afraid. I would say that it is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you can ever make at home!

The taste of this fruit salad is similar to the best ice-creams. It’s delicious, and I recommend you give it a try! Life is short. Enjoy your life, because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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