Top 12 Amazing Lawnmower Salad

Lawnmower Salad, Haha! It’s a great name. Lawnmower Salad. It has the ring of something that might be worth trying.

While browsing the internet for a new recipe, I found this one.

The story goes that somebody decided it would be funny to throw some lettuce leaves over the handlebars of their lawnmower and then cut them up with a knife while they’re going around in circles creating these delicious yummy garden-fresh salads.

What is Lawnmower Salad?

Lawnmower salad is a fancy name for the salad ingredients leftover from your mower. It’s one of those better than it sounds like it would be. It tastes pretty good and is simple to make.

Top 12 Amazing Lawnmower Salad

1. Carrot Orange Salad:

This is my favorite kind of salad and is the one that I learned how to make when I was a kid. It’s sweet, tangy, and has a nice crunch to it. What more can you ask for in a salad?

2. Jalapeno Cheese Salad:

My dad likes his salads spicy. He always makes this one and piles jalapenos on top of the cheese. It’s not as spicy as it sounds, but it sure doesn’t lack in the heat department!

3. Avocado White Bean Salad:

Lawnmower Salad
Lawnmower Salad

This is a special type of “lawnmower salad” that I learned to make a while back when I played around with some leftover white beans. It has all the wonderful flavors of the white bean with some texture added by the avocado and corn.

4. Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad:

I’m just going to mention this one right now because it’s kind of a joke salad and one of my favorites to make.

You throw a head of red cabbage in the mower while it’s running, cut it into pieces, and voila! It is delicious, though.

5. Chips & Salsa Salad:

This one isn’t exactly a lawnmower salad. I like it too much not to include it on here, so I’m telling you now that you will have to use your imagination a little bit here because there isn’t any lettuce in this one. But it’s a nice fresh one to make if you find yourself with some leftover chips and salsa.

6. Cranberry Salad:

I always liked this one when I was little, and I still like it. It combines the sweetness of cranberries with a crunch from the red onion and a little zing from the red pepper flakes.

7. Fresh Tomato Salad:

This is my wife’s favorite, so I guess she must like it more than me! But she loves tomatoes in general, so maybe that makes sense.

You throw some tomatoes and a little onion in the mower while running, then cut them up later.

Again, this one is better than it sounds. That being said, I have to warn you that your wife might not be too happy with you if she finds out what you’re doing.

8. Greek Salad:

I usually just put a different salad on here instead of the previous one, but this is basic, so I’m just going to mention it now.

You make a Greek salad with your lettuce and veggies leftover from your veggie mow. Add some feta or crumbled feta on top, and then grill some chicken or pork to add.

9. Mango Avocado Salad:

If you don’t like tomatoes, here is another salad that I know people love to make with their lettuce and tomato trimmings. It’s not too bad if you want the taste of mango.

10. Fruit Salad:

The best kind of salad to make out of the trimmings is this one. You can throw in whatever fruit you have leftover, and it’ll be a hit with the whole family. Can’t go wrong with this one.

11. Spinach Strawberry Salad:

Even if you don’t have any spinach but have some tomatoes and strawberries, you can still make this salad happen! It’s a strawberry tomato salad that will please your family.

12. Blueberry Avocado Salad:

This is a very tasty and simple one to make. You throw some avocado slices into the mower and then combine those with blueberries. Easy!

So there you have the top 12 amazing lawnmower salads for you. Hopefully, this will be able to help you out if you ever find yourself without a single leaf of lettuce in your refrigerator but with a lot of fruit and veggie trimmings that need to be cleaned up.


Lawnmower salads are a good idea for those who want to cut down on the amount of trash you generate.

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I don’t want to be responsible for throwing away fresh, healthy food.

It should go without saying that this is a great way to prevent the food from going to waste! Yes, it does take a little bit of effort and energy on your part, but at least this is better than throwing everything in the trash.

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