Rat On A Stick Chinese Food: The Best Ever!

Rat on a Stick Chinese Food is the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy some of your favorite American food while also being able to try new Asian dishes.

Rat on a Stick has many options for you, including chicken fried rice, beef with broccoli, and sweet and sour pork.

They have traditional Chinese options that are just as delicious but offer something different than what you might be used to eating at home.

No matter which dish you choose from Rat On A Stick’s menu, it will be sure to please your taste buds!

Fried Rat On A Stick

Thrown in a vat of frier. Charcoal powder is dusted on top to make it black and crispy. A stick is inserted into the rat’s mouth to serve as the handle, with a tentacle at the bottom to stand on while eating it. The Fried Rat On A Stick is an amazing concept that originated in London, England, during the summer of 2006.

Chinese Food On A Stick

The food on a stick can also be sweet. In this case, fried Chinese doughnuts on sticks dipped in sesame or orange and sometimes even chocolate.

Chinese Take Out On A Stick

Chopsticks are served on a stick, with the middle featuring chow mein noodles and the top featuring rice and eggrolls.

Grilled Rat On A Stick

Sushi on a stick was first invented in Japan. To create the sushi on a stick, rice is carefully molded to fit onto the stick without breaking. Next, the mold is wrapped around seaweed and covered with fish, vegetables, or meat. The sushi is then eaten using chopsticks.

Bbq Rat On A Stick

The BBQ Rat On A Stick was a dish invented in Ghana, Africa. It resembled a rat on a stick with BBQ sauce smeared across its body.

Hot Dog On A Stick

The Hot Dog On A Stick is the stuff of sweet dreams. It’s simply a hot dog on a stick that is then dipped in chocolate for sweetness and dusted with nuts to make it crunchy!

Chinese Eating Rats

Chinese people eat rats for their energy and strength. Eating rats is believed to speed up metabolism. And as a result, you can expect to be running after many girls and churros.

Strawberry-Peppermint Rat On A Stick

The Strawberry-Peppermint Rat On A Stick is a popular summertime treat from Zimbabwe. The rat is dipped in milk, syrup, sugar, and powdered sugar.

Chinese Restaurant Cooking Rats

Rat on a stick is not just for Chinese restaurants. A blogger at Asian Food Rocks named her version of the dish “Rat on a Stick” and then had the amazing idea to draw out the body parts!

Rat on a stick is sold at many diners, diner-style restaurants, and snack shops. You see, rats are very popular in China. Rats are due to be eaten at least four times in any one year by the average Chinese person.

Rat Meat In Chinese Food In America

In the past times, rat meat was consumed daily. It was used in the preparation of many dishes throughout the country. Recently, Americans seem to be more concerned about handling rat meat for health reasons and safety.

The rat meat is served in two ways: whole rats or parts such as backs and paws. Rat meat is not required to be cooked but eaten raw. It is considered one of the most popular meats in Chinese cuisine in the U.S.

Rat In Chinese Food Meme

Have you seen the fabulous “Rat In Chinese Food meme”? I have created my version of the Rat In Chinese Food meme. Click here to see all this amazing content.

What is the Rat on a Stick Chinese Food?

Rat on a Stick is a culinary creation from the Far East. This uniquely delicious food starts with skewered meat, vegetables, and rice covered by a perfectly cooked egg roll wrapper.

The Rat on a Stick Chinese Food can be found at many concession stands and school cafeterias. Initially starting as take-out only, you should do it if you have a chance to try one!

This delicious food can sometimes be found at festivals, but not very often. On the other hand, Rat on a Stick Chinese Food has been spotted in many casinos and state fairs and traveling carnival attractions.

How to prepare Rat on a Stick Chinese Food?

Rat on a Stick Chinese Food is cooked over open flames, making it one of the more delicious foods to enjoy under the sun.

Before preparing Rat on a Stick Chinese Food at home, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. Now that you know what Rat on a Stick Chinese Food is, it’s time to learn how to make it.


  • 1 lb meat (chicken, beef, pork)
  • 2-3 carrots (julienned)
  • 1 onion (sliced)
  • 5 pieces of garlic (minced)
  • ½ cup soy Sauce


1. First, cut your meat up into small pieces. It is best to use chicken breast or pork tenderloin. If you are using beef, make sure to slice it very thin

2. Take the carrots and julienne them to about 2 inches in length

3. Next, take your onion and slice it thinly as well

4. Add 2-3 cloves of minced garlic to a large pan and some peanut oil. Cook on medium-high heat for about one minute or until you can smell the garlic. Add your meat and cook it thoroughly while occasionally stirring

5. Once your meat is done cooking, add ½ cup of soy sauce and stir thoroughly. Watch this closely because if it starts to dry out or burn, add some water. Cook for another 10 minutes

6. While you wait for your meat to finish cooking, slice your egg rolls so that they are ready when the heart is completed.

7. Once your meat is done cooking, reduce heat to low and layout one of your egg roll pieces on a clean surface

8. Using a spoon, place about ¾ of a cup of cooked meat and vegetables into the center of your wrapper

9. Take the edge closest to you and fold over once, then do the same with the opposite side, so it is covered nicely by the other half close to you

10. Next, take one hand and fold in all four corners; make sure to do this tightly, so no juices leak out11. Using your egg wash, brush the edge furthest away from you and fold it forward over itself, making sure it is sealed completely

12. Repeat the same thing on the other side, making sure to seal it well

13. Now, using a little bit of peanut oil, coat the skewer and lay the egg roll on it

14. The oil will keep the egg roll from sticking to the skewer while it is cooking

15. Cook your egg rolls over an open flame or a charcoal grill for about 4-5 minutes per side until they are golden brown

16. Serve with a bit of salt and pepper if you like

17. Enjoy! Rat on a Stick Chinese Food is one of the best delectable foods to enjoy during warm weather! If it’s a hot summer day, make up a batch and share them with your family and friends, they will surely ask for more!

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Where can I buy a rat on a stick?

I’m not sure if you are aware, but a company makes Rat on a stick. They make tons of weird and delicious food items that should be sold in grocery stores everywhere.

Instead, they are sold at very expensive kiosks in upscale malls. You can not buy any of those food items from Amazon, even though you could order the rat part and the stick separately and build your Rat on a stick machine.

Nutrition Fact of Rat On A Stick Chinese Food?

A typical serving of a rat on a stick contains

Nutrition FactAmount

It is very similar to fried chicken from KFC. I think it would be more fun if they added the deep frying part into the product name. So you could order their fried rat sticks or maybe even some gummy bears.

What is the point of rat food?

1. It is low in fat. Rat food is deficient in fat, making it easy to be healthy even if you eat a lot of them as I do.

2. It tastes good. Delicious Rat on a stick tastes good. You can get different flavors, including spicy or sweet, and sour. Some come with bacon bits mixed into the batter. Others have hard-boiled eggs inside of them too.

3. It is suitable for dinner parties. This is the only food item where you can get your guests to eat Rat without telling them about it beforehand, so you will get major brownie points with your girlfriend/boyfriend if they usually are grossed out by rat meat.


Rat On A Stick Chinese Food is the perfect restaurant for those who want a delicious meal but don’t have time to dine in.

Their freshly made, high-quality food will be delivered right to your door, so you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you please! We hope this blog post has been an informative introduction to our company and what we offer.

If you found yourself intrigued by any part of our business or something that caught your attention during the reading process,

feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments about how we operate as a catering service. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Do Chinese Restaurants Serve Rats

Certain Chinese restaurants may sell or serve rats. These dinners include the rat on a stick, rat soup, or eat with rice. Rat meat is common in many dishes served in restaurants worldwide, including in the U.S. By no means is this traditional Chinese food disgusting.

What Is Chinese Food Made Out Of Rats

Rats are rodents that are commonly used in foods sold in Chinese restaurants. They are eaten as snacks by the average person in China. Some people even eat rats for their energy and strength. Rats may be found in many Chinese dishes, including baked food, cooked food, and soup.

Roasted Rat On A Stick

The Roasted Rat On A Stick originated in China. In preparation, the rats are dunked in a hot pot of water first. Once they have been cooked, the bits of rat on a stick are eaten until the tail remains.

Is Chinese Food Rat?

Yes, some restaurants sell rats on a stick. However, rat meat is not uncommon in Chinese cuisine and is eaten by the average Chinese person at least four times a year. The rat is prepared in many ways, including baked, cooked, or soup.

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