Best 9 Healthy Nutrition Of Critter Love Salads

Critter Love Salads is an innovative new line of entree salads that taste just like the critters they’re based on.

Every Critter Love Salad starts with a bed of healthy greens and veggies, then is topped with goodies like corn, bacon bits, or croutons.

We hand-toss every salad before packing it for shipping, so you always get freshness and flavor.

History of Critter Love Salads

In the mid-1990s, I was a graduate student studying wildlife conservation at the University of Florida. When I was still living in Florida, I had a neighbor with a bird feeder in their backyard.

While bird watching, I saw some great horned owls swoop down and catch some of their meal. It was touching to watch them enjoy these birds.

How to make Critter Love Salads


  • 1 lb. (16 oz.) leaf lettuce, iceberg
  • 3 oz. shredded cheddar cheese, white or yellow (optional)
  • 1/8 cup chopped walnuts, optional
  • 1 cup corn kernels, frozen or fresh (optional) Bacon bits (or croutons), optional


1. Toss salad greens and toppings of choice onto a salad plate. Mix and pack with dressing in a separate bowl for serving at the table.

2. Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition facts of Critter Love Salads

Calories from fat130
Total fat15 g
Saturated fat5 g
Cholesterol25 mg
Sodium870 mg
870 mg310 mg
Total carbohydrate21 g
Dietary fiber1 g
Protein5 g

Best 9 Healthy Nutrition of Critter Love Salads

1. Leafy greens are a good source of folate and other B vitamins, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

Critter Love Salads
Critter Love Salads

2. Walnuts contain unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help keep your heart healthy.

3. Corn is low in sodium and is an excellent source of important nutrients such as alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and manganese, as well as being a good source of thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin C.

4. Egg helps control your weight, absorb nutrients and vitamins, and give your body energy.

5. Cheese is good calcium, phosphorus, and protein source. It also contains vitamin A and C plus calcium, phosphorus, and protein.

6. Bacon is high in sodium, fat (about 4g), cholesterol (about 50mg), and calories (about 270/1 slice).

7. Walnuts are rich in protein and fat (about 4g of fat and 6g of protein per ounce). They contain many vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy.

8. Corn is great for a healthy weight-loss diet, as it is low in calories, sodium, and carbohydrates. It is a good source of dietary fiber, niacin, vitamin B6 and manganese.

9. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for developing children’s brains and heart health.

Price of Critter Love Salads

Critter Love Salads make a great gift. You can choose from the selection of critter salads on our website. Shipping is $13.00, so it’s a great deal!

Where are You Buy?

Critter Love Salads are available for purchase through our website. There’s a holiday sale going on right now, and you can get your first bag of Critter Love Salads for just $7.99, including shipping.

Can I Freeze It?

You can freeze the salad if you want to save some critter love for later. Just remember to put the salad in a resealable plastic bag and remove any air in the bag.

Then close and seal the bag. You can also freeze individual servings of Critter Love Salads in airtight containers or freezer bags. Just be sure to label and date each package of Critter Love Salads.

Is it GMO-free?

Yes, we use organic and non-GMO ingredients in our Critter Love Salads. This excludes corn, which has been genetically modified.

Are they Gluten-Free?

Not all Critter Love Salads are gluten-free. We currently don’t offer gluten-free versions of our salads or entrees.

Are They Allergen-Free?

Our salads are free from peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten. Beefsteak is also free from gluten. We use eggs in some of our salads, and since eggs are a potential allergen for some people,

we added an egg allergen warning to our site for these products. Please let us know if you have questions about any of our other Critter Love Salad products or ingredients.

How to store?

Store your Critter Love Salads in the refrigerator for two weeks. Be sure to remove any air from the bag before sealing and freezing.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We’re working towards all of our packaging being recyclable. Ask your local recycling center if they accept any part of our packaging.

Can I feed it to my family?

Yes, you can! Critter Love Salads are great for anyone who cares about eating healthy, including your children and elders. Every Critter Love Salad is a good source of vitamins and minerals and is rich in fiber.

Is it non-GMO?

We are working with our suppliers and distributors to maintain non-GMO products. Any ingredients we use that are genetically modified will be labeled on the package as such.

Is Critter Love Salads organic?

Not all of our salads are organic, but those will have the organic label on the packaging. Our fruits and veggies that aren’t organic are certified by a third party to be pesticide-free.

Are they kosher?

Yes, they meet kosher requirements.

Can I use it as an ingredient in another recipe?

You can! Critter Love Salads are a great ingredient for all sorts of recipes. Add fruits and vegetables to your salads, or mix them with other ingredients to create a new salad bar. Or make your healthy treats!


Critter Love Salads is an excellent way to add fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome foods to your daily routine.

We believe that eating well is the first step in leading a healthier life. Visit our website today and check out all the healthy recipes we have in store. Please like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter!

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