Poke Salad Recipe: Amazing 7 Health Benefits

Poke Salad Recipe can be a salad with rice or other types of cooked rice. The diced-up cucumber and green onion are the main ingredients that make this salad a perfect poke.

You can have the crunch of the “poke” on top of your mix and match it with various other ingredients to make it interesting, like, cheese, avocado, and bacon bits.

How to make Poke Salad Recipe


  • 2-3 ripe avocados
  • 1 cucumber, diced
  • 3 green onions, diced
  • 1/2 cup of feta cheese
  • 2 cups of cooked rice (long-grain white rice)
  • Fresh herbs (lettuce and cilantro) for garnish.

Ingredients for Dressing:

Step 1: 1/4 cup of mayo-based salad dressing. Or you can use low-fat mayo. Or use your favorite low-fat dressing.

Step 2: Mix the two ingredients and whisk until they are combined well and creamy.

Step 3: Add the mayonnaise mixture to a bowl and add the feta cheese. Stir until combined well.

Step 4: Add some oil to a small bowl and whisk it with salt and pepper to make the dressing seasoning. Add it to the bowl of salad ingredients. Stir until combined well.

Step 5: Add cucumber, green onion, and feta cheese to a bowl and mix until everything is well combined.

Step 6: Serve the salad topped with fresh herbs like lettuce or cilantro.

Nutrition facts of Poke Salad Recipe

Total fat36.2g
Saturated Fat15.1g
Protein27.6 g
Sugar 5

Amazing 7 Health Benefits of Poke Salad Recipe

1. High in Potassium

Potassium is an essential element for all organisms. It is especially important for a healthy heart, nervous system, and fluid balance. People with potassium deficiency are prone to suffer from muscle cramps, fatigue and weakness.

Poke Salad Recipe
Poke Salad Recipe

2. High in Fiber

Fiber helps remove harmful substances from the body, aids in digestion, and helps maintain a healthy weight. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 25-40 grams per day.

3. High in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral required for producing red blood cells, oxygen transport, and energy metabolism.

This mineral is especially important for women who undergo menstruation every month because iron is lost from the body during this time.

4. High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports collagen formation and helps boost skin, hair, and nail health. It also helps prevent damage from stress, pollution, and other environmental factors. It can also assist in fighting colds and flu.

5. B2 (Riboflavin)

Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin that helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. It also boosts immunity, improves healthy eyesight, and supports the formation of red blood cells.

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This is a fatty acid that helps with maintaining cell structure as well as helps in improving heart health, meaning it prevents heart attacks and strokes. This can also be used to maintain happy and healthy skin.

7. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine helps speed up the breakdown of fatty acids when used as an energy source. This works with the body’s natural metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, which helps burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Poke salad recipe Southern

Southern Poke Salad Recipe is a salad recipe that you can have during dinner time and even at lunchtime.

It is also a great salad for potluck parties. The ingredients in this recipe are diced cucumber, green onions, cheese, bacon bits, cooked rice, and ranch dressing.

This will make many servings, so be prepared to share your wonderfulness with family, friends, or even strangers.

Vegetarian poke salad recipe

The vegetarian poke salad recipe is the one that does not contain any meat ingredients, but it is still yummy and perky.

Poke Salad Recipe
Poke Salad Recipe

The ingredients in this recipe are cucumber, green onions, feta cheese, and many fresh herbs like lettuce and cilantro. You can also have some condiments to add a little more flavor to this healthy salad.

Can I Freeze It?

Poke Salad Recipe is best stored in the refrigerator, but you can also put it in the freezer. You will have to freeze it in an air-tight container and make sure that you always put a label to remember what it is. The labeling will also help you avoid confusion when you want to grab a meal or snack quickly.

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

Preparing Poke Salad Recipe is not that time-consuming, and it can be done within minutes, but it will take about 20 minutes for the mixture to become creamy. You will spend preparing this salad is 20 minutes if you own a food processor.

How To Make More Delicious?

You will make this dish more delicious by adding some chicken, turkey, or tuna. You can also add some cheese or bacon bits. This will also give you a satisfying taste as you have a complete meal for your healthy lifestyle.

Is It Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Poke Salad Recipe is also suitable for pregnant women. This recipe is recommended for pregnant women because it contains a lot of calcium which will be good for the baby’s growth and development, especially in the formation of bones.

Is It Good For Diabetic Patients?

If you are a diabetic patient, you can have this dish because it is low in sugar and will not spike your blood sugar level.

Is It Good For Heart Patients?

Poke Salad Recipe is also good for heart patients because it contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which will keep your heart strong and healthy.

Aside from that, this dish is also recommended by the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because it contains potassium, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


The ingredients in Poke Salad Recipe can be used in the form of a salad. The advantages of including the ingredients in a salad are that you will get to eat healthier and feel fuller when making healthy foods.

However, if you do not wish to include some meat or fish, you can have this dish without meat or fish.

It will taste just as good, and there is no need to add any extra ingredients as this recipe is already good for your health.


What is poke salad in the South?

Poke is a Hawaiian term for pickled or preserved. It is a type of salad with fresh vegetables chopped and mixed with vinegar dressing. The recipe ingredients are prepared and placed in jars with salt and other seasonings.

Are poke salads healthy?

Poke salads are very healthy and are not high in cholesterol and fat. Compared to other types of salads, what is good about poke salads is that you can always have some meat or fish if you wish to. The ingredients in this recipe are too great for your health.

What is poke seasoning made of?

Poke is usually made of tuna, but you can also substitute the tuna with crab meat or some other type of meat cut thinly and marinated in soy sauce. Ensure that you do not marinate the meat for too long, as the vinegar will soak into it.

What kind of food is poke salad?

Poke Salad is one of the Japanese recipes that the Americans adopted, and this dish has become very popular in the United States. This has become so popular that people make it a side dish or even a main dish. Some people prefer to eat it as sushi rolls to enjoy its taste but with fewer calories.

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